Friday, February 22, 2013

Animaniacs Were One of My Favorites

You guys remember Animaniacs?  Of course you do!  You're awesome, that's why!  I remember watching this everyday after school and it was one funny cartoon.  I recently found out that they are showing reruns on cable TV.  Boomerang?  Nick Toons?  The Hub?  I don't know which one but they are there!  Anyways, I saw this funny comic from Dot and I just had to share.  Later!


Strangely I don't remember watching that one. I remember most pokemon and xmen. What other cartoons played during the afternoon at that time?

maybe pinky and the brain too

i was a pokemon guy as well....

I might have seen this but i can't recollect any memories.. Either way i love cartoons and anime's.. i will never get sick to it. Lot's of it too choose nowadays. ;)

Pinky and the Brain debuted on Animaniacs! Then, after awhile, I think they had their own show.

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