Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get a Life Podcast Ep. 1 - The One about Multiplayer and Arcades

Hey there! Who's excited? I'm excited! Welcome to the first ever Get a Life Podcast here at Metallman's Reverie! Brian and I had a blast recording the show and I really hope you guys love it.  We are working on getting a logo created for the podcast and we are also working on getting some intro music created.  Once we get all that together, we'll jazz up the podcast a bit.

Our introductory episode also includes a special announcement that will make fans of Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Issac pretty excited!  So if you are a fan of Edmund McMillen make sure that you listen all the way through to hear our big news!  Once you have had a chance to listen, please feel free to leave comments!  If the audio player isn't working for you, you can click on the strean link below and open the podcast on a new tab or you can download the podcast to listen to it later.

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Hope everyone enjoys our podcast! If anyone has a question, comment or suggestion please be sure to post them here. Victor and I will try to answer any questions you may have.

Holy cow, the Binding of Isaac sounds incredibly hard! I don't know how anyone can possibly get through an entire game with one life.. Although isn't that what we're doing now as we live? Hmm. Oh yeah, Super Mario on the Wii was already crazy hard when you have to play through certain sections on only one life too!!!

Really cool podcast, your voices are very clear only slight echo. I noticed you are hosting the podcast from Dropbox, are you using a plugin or streaming it from Dropbox directly? Why not use Spreaker or Bluberry Powerpress?

Thanks Justin! Means a lot coming from you! Honestly, I tried to go the easiest route without having to sign up on all kinds of sites, BUT... I will check out Spreaker or Bluberry. Thanks for the input!

Yeah The Binding of Isaac is a pretty difficult game but there are so many power ups and I forgot to mention that every time you die the levels are not the same as they was before. So that with the fact that you only have one life makes the game even more difficult and I still have yet to complete it.

Hey there Brian. I tried the demo and the game is pretty difficult and I noticed that the enemies and layout of the levels changed so its a diffierent playing experience each time. I'm getting the game on Steam for $5 and get the full game experience! I'll more than likely get a review up to fill you all in on the game before our conversation with Edmund McMillen.

That's awesome Victor! Hope you enjoy the game or more like hope you enjoy raging while playing the game. So I take it you are getting the complete edition with Wrath of the Lamb expansion?

Hey there Brian. I think I am going to get the expansion as well. I also hear that a port is being made for gaming consoles so now I'm not so sure if I want the PC version or a console version.

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