Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Punchtab Top Points Earner for October Winner

Hey there.  The month of October has come and gone.  That means that another one of you, my faithful readers, will score an easy $5 just for doing what you do here on Metallman's Reverie!  Let's go to the results!  And the winner is...
Betty Lee!  Congrats, my friend!  You win money!  Our first ever winner, Christian, started off strong but Betty surged ahead for the win!  The November constest is already underway.  Don't forget to comment, tweet, and all the other good stuff to rack up those points!  Good luck!  Later!


I haven't been log in for a week that's why didn't keep up the standing.. Well Conngrats to the winner.

Thank you, Betty, for being so active!

Hey guys, is there's something wrong with the Leaderboad in Punchtab? My current points (the one the you will seen below the screen) is not equal with the one on the leaderboard when you click it. Right now i have 17,500 pts (the one below the screen) when i click the leaderboard it's 10,300 pts (less than 600 in the picture above by the way which was 10,900) Am i the only one experiencing this? Just asking. thanks!

Hey there Chris. The tab below keeps track of your points for the last 30 days. That number will be lower than your total points if you have participated for more than 30 days, as you have. That's why there is a different in your point totals.

Hey..how do you set this up on a monthly basis? I tried reaching out to ptab folks but they didn't get what I was trying to do.

Hey there Tony. Once you install the PunchTab leaderboard on your site, the bottom bar on your website keeps track of the points for users for the last 30 days. The leaderboard on the PunchTab website keeps track of the overall points. You can check your PunchTab bar on your site on the 1st of every month and it will give you the points leader for the last 30 days.

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