Monday, October 22, 2012

Motivational Monday - Minecraft

I'm afraid to venture into the world of Minecraft for fear of never coming out!!!


Oh My God! My four year old is addicted to this game. Amazed at how he can figure out what's going baffles me. I try not to let him sit on the computer for a long time otherwise, but he is pretty creative when it comes to building things in this game so it's not so bad.

Hey there Margaret! I see Minecraft as legos for adults. People have gone out of their way to make some awesome Minecraft creations the same way that lego enthusiasts have done with Legos. I just know that if I get started... I won't be able to stop. lol

Just like any other games, once you start it you will get hooked to it! Enjoy!

Wow, that pic is cool. It remidns me of the Mario Wii when they go up the elevator and you're in the sky riding on the top of the ball.

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