Monday, September 3, 2012

September Photo a Day - Weather

Hey there.  One of the biggest perks of living in Southern California is the weather.  It's sunny about 300 days out of the year.  Most of the time it's blissfully pleasant.  During the summer, it can be scorching hot.  It's summer, so it's been hot here in Southern California and the weather is just that.  Clear blue skies and 90 degree weather.  So what's the weather like in your part of the world?  Later!


It's overcast and rained some today in central PA. We are dipping into the upper 70's though, which is fine by me :)

That sounds like awesome weather, Jenn! I'm more of a gloomy weather type guy. Sunny is fun and all, but the heat... man... I hate it when it gets too hot!!!

Sunny here in Fl for my day 3....we did have some clouds though Funny how California basically looks like FL and visa versa

Hey there Natasha! It's crazy!!! If I were to have taken the picture this morning, it would have been on rain!!!!

I love the rain cools everything down...unless it is a 10 minute rain then it just gets very very humid!

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