Friday, September 14, 2012

Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 Laptop Giveaway

Hey there.  Who wants a new laptop?!  I have partnered with my good friend, Justin, over at, to bring you this great Lenovo IdeaPad Z585 laptop giveaway.  It's a great budget gaming laptop.  Of course, you don't have to use it for gaming. The added firepower that this laptop has would make it a great laptop to have period!  This bad boy easily retails over $700 and you can score a free one right here!  Check out the specs!
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Z585
  • AMD A8-4500M 1.9GHz
  •  6GB Memory
  • 750GB HDD AMD
  • Radeon HD 7640G DVD±R/RW
Additional Features

Stylish design in premium brushed gray metal
Integrated AMD Radeon HD graphics
OneKey® Theatre, with touch-sensitive hotkeys, for one-touch audiovisual optimization
Dolby® Home Theater v4, with specialized stereo speakers for crisp, clear surround sound
Intelligent TouchPad, supporting multiple-finger gestures
Integrated 720p HD webcam, HDMI
Two USB 3.0 ports, 5-in-1 card reader
AccuType keyboard
15.6” HD LED backlit display
DVD Drive
OneKey® Rescue for system backup and restoration
Lenovo Energy Management

So how do you enter?  This giveaway and all future giveaways here on Metallman's Reverie will now be powered by PunchTab.  Rafflecopter was great but it was too high maintenance.  Too many bogus entries and I spent a lot of time removing bad entries.  The great thing about using PunchTab?   Aside from them verifying entries for me, if you share the contest, the more entries YOU earn.  That's right!  Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else will benefit you and earn you extra entries each time someone clicks on your unique url code!  How awesome is that!!!  So share away, friends.  The more entries you score, the more chances that the giveaway gods will pick you!  Good luck!
The Lenovo Laptop Giveaway Contest is being held by Dragon Blogger Technology in coordination with the following sponsors:
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i would love to win because my last laptop died 2 days ago losing important data i had for my psychololgy class, went to technician and for my luck he could only recover my psychology essay.

I would use it to enter sweepstakes.

My computer is ancient, like 7+ years old, can't play any games and it sounds like the fan is dying. I'd use it to play some games and use the internet.

Yeah, I hear ya! I have a comuter like that at home that needs to be replaced! Good luck!

I don't have a laptop, so having one would be nice. My current computer is from 2003, I honestly have not found anyone online with an older computer.

My current computer can only run Lubuntu, so I would probably put the much prettier Ubuntu on the laptop. I would have to dual boot that and windows, because a computer that nice has to be used for gaming.

My girlfriend really needs one for school so I would give it to her!

Because my current laptop hinges are broken it overheats its XP its jist lame I would really put it to good use

I certainly wouldn't use it for gaming since the GPU in this thing couldn't handle the games I play effectively. This is a low end card, which will run most games decently on LOW settings only, unless you play crap like World of Warcraft, then you should be fine. But we all know that its not a graphic intensive game.

So I guess just browsing when away from home. =)

Hey there Jenny! Yup, the graphic card is not the best and that's why it's a good gaming laptop on a budget! Lol

I'd use it so I wouldn't have to carry around notepads at school!

I'd use it for school mostly, need something I can take to the library

Leave a comment telling us why you want to win the laptop and what you would use it for!
I want to win the LAPTOP for very simple reason. I DON'T OWN ANY LAPTOP AND BEEN DREAMING OF OWNING ONE. Laptops here are quite expensive although there are cheaper one's but the specs are quite disappointing. This LENOVO LAPTOP has awesome specs and are just right for me. :) I will use it in my everyday browsing on the internet and once in a while in gaming. My Christmas will be complete if i won this. Thanks and good luck!

Good answer, Christian! Good luck!

The specs on this laptop are much better than mine. Of course, I would love to win this laptop to replace my slower one. I would use it for browsing, word processing, chatting, Skype, light gaming, emails, playing videos, listening to music, storing music files, videos, and pics, programming, other school and work related projects. Thanks!

Hey, I'm glad to co-host this event. I wish good luck to all contestants

I need to win this Lenovo laptop because it will help me to my studies. It serves as my instrument to be able to do all my homeworks especially when it needs a powerpoint, research, thesis and all other computer works. Hope i will win so that it will able to help me on my studies. Thank you! more power!

Winning this thing mean so much to me. First, I would be able to to utilize the specs of this laptop to meet my daily needs -- from gaming, video editing and rendering, to simply doing school work and other related activities. Second, being a tech junkie, I think this gadget will really broaden the horizons for me in search of the latest and eye-catching innovations there is. Haha! Well, I guess two reasons will suffice since i could go on and on with this and the space allotted for my comment would not be enough. :))

My old laptop died and I am borrowing my husband's. I use my laptop for keeping up with my blog, surfing the net, entering giveaways and other stuff.

I'd love to win this because my Dell's a lemon.

I want to win the laptop because more than once a day my laptops screen turns into rainbow colored lines that totally cover my screen and I just know it's going to die one of these days!

Need a laptop mostly for college. Do some school work and maybe play some Fallout 2 ;)

i don't have a laptop, hope to get this one, s i can use it for my business soon..thanks

I need a new laptop because the last one I have is old.

We need a laptop for school work.

I would use it when I travel.

My laptop is over 6 years old and crashes regularly now. I really need a new one, especially one capable of processing video for games and editing!

I need to win this laptop for my bro. =)

i want this laptop because i have no laptop so i gotta get win this ;)

I don't have a laptop yet and wish to have one. Winning this means everything to me. I would use this for my studies especially making my reports and thesis.

I dont have a laptop hope I can get one of this...i love it.

Since I'm a student, I need a laptop for accomplishing my requirements at school. I need it badly to gain higher grades and to have better education.

i want to win a lenovo laptop for my personal use

i am using a notebook only for 10 years

wishing i will be the lucking one this laptop giveaways

i badly need this for my schooling hope i can have this...

ako nalang sana manalo kasi kaylangan ko talaga sa thesis..

Because I'm using a netbook and you can't really do much with it.

I'm so excited to try my luck through joining giveaways one of us

I want to win because i need to have an amazing notebook to play Halo 4!

I'm tired on having to share my laptop with others. I'd like one to call my own.

My wife wants a laptop and I haven't been able to scrounge up enough cash to get her one

Time to upgrade, i use my laptop for everything, it is my lifeline!!

I had to sell my laptop last year because I needed to pay some bills, it would be nice to have one again, I miss the portability!

I will have a small business and I will use this laptop to promote my lil business

I am a graphic designer and a gamer so this is great.

I want to win the laptop for my hubby, he works hard for our family and deserves a decent comp to game on!

If I won this laptop, it'd replace my desktop computer. I'd set it up with a bunch of games, use it for school work and upgrade it for more power.

Would love to have this to edit short Christian films

I have never had a laptop, being a desktop PC builder, so having the portability would be great.

i we use it to replace my current computer that is 9120891202390 years old!

I would use it in place of my desktop which is dying a slow death.

I would use this awesome laptop to play fast paced games.

Never win anything on the internet nor have a laptop, maybe this is it?

a laptop would make my life so much easier...can work from anywhere especially after my laptop just broke

I love to have a laptop. I have nothing at home to do and I'm been unsuccessful at getting a job to get one. I would be so glad to have one. Please pick me.

I want my lady to play video games with me ;)

The best answer by far! Good luck!

Beautiful laptop, never owned one in my entire life, always too much $$$'s for my tight budget. Love to win one, use it for pretty much everything, from DLing torrents, portable gaming (new to Steam), recipe book downloads, and more.

I really hope I win. I never win anything and I really need one. It would make my life so easier and give something to do. I'm an aspiring videogame developer who's trying to design a TPS. This would so make it easier for me. Wish me good luck everybody. Also, I forgot to thank you MetallmanX for making this site for people could get things. That's so awesome!! Thank you for the oppurtunity!

i want win it for the study of my daughter

If I won, i'd give this to my sister.. She was in the war in Iraq - came home with PTSD.. pretty much due to that lost her job and money. I think a laptop would really help out with the job finding, and other things.

I want to win so that I can actually play steam games because my current laptop isn't powerful enough to do so.

If I won I would use it for school, my laptop broke 2 years ago and I havent been able to afford one since.

I would use it to write astrology software

I've been wanting a new machine for quite sometime now, but can't really spend the money right now, so it would be great to able to win one. For me it would be a mix of games, browsing the internet, using twitter, facebook, youtube, email and actual work related stuff.

I would use it to game and record

I would definitely use this gaming, playing music, and editing!!!

Gaming, gaming, gaming! Thats all I'd do with it!

It will be a big help for my studies.. it's hard for me not having my own laptop to use for my research and projects.i'm almost graduating from high school, i'm on 3rd year hs, and having this device, it will make my studies easier. And also for communicating to my relatives overseas. And probably, use it for my entertainment since i'm a huge music lover! <3

I wanna win a lenovo laptop so i can give it to my mom her laptop is already broken and sometimes overheating .wish i could make her dream come true.

This will greatly help in my business. I have been using desktop computer for years. With this, I can use it anywhere I go.

I want to win because my laptop is broken and I can't afford a new one right now. I've never owned a truly good computer so I'd finally be able to play games using this laptop if I won.

Our computer has had it and my kids really need a decent one for school but can't afford to get them one.Plus we all would enjoy playing games and watching movies on it

I want to win because my husband has our laptop and we're separated.


My current computer is 5 years old...i would like to do normal computing again.

This will be my first laptop.. for games and surfing the net ^ _ ^

I would like to win it, because i don't own a computer, and I wold use it for fun and work

My old laptop is battered and bruised. I would use the new one to Facebook and play games.

I'd use it for gaming. I already have an old mac, but a lot of the games I want to play are not compatible with macs. I wanted to purchase a new laptop but there isn't room in my budget for one.

My HP is really old and dusty so a new laptop would be great for games,movies and etc.

It's a dream for me :) not only for games, but for my work too. Thanks.

My husband needs a new computer for his business and this would be a wonderful surprise christmas gift for him.

i want this laptop for my studies

If I won, i'd give this to my sister.. She was in the war in Iraq - came home with PTSD.. pretty much due to that lost her job and money. I think a laptop would really help out with the job finding, and other things.

Need a new one since I work from home but can't afford it right now, and my 1gb netbook (nice computer!) isn't up to speed. Thnx, E

I would use the laptop for school projects and homework assigments and would share it with my siblings for their school work.

I don't have a laptop, only a desktop, and would love to have the ability to take a computer with me when we travel. thanks!

I don't have a laptop and I am going away to study in a few months, so it will be great to have this as I will need it for my studies there.

I would like to win for my kids. They are bad about sneaking onto the computer, so a laptop would be great - we could actually physically remove it when they're not supposed to be using it.

i need a college laptop, it stinks sharing with my brother!!!

Well I am Architecture but I don't have a portable PC , so a laptop is really appreciated as my pc is old and I can only setup autocad2009 not higher(system requirement)

with a powerful laptop like this capable of gaming, i'd use it for portable gaming

I don't have a laptop and would love this to be my first one.

I could definitely use it for school and work.

I would use it for gaming and music

I'd us it for school and, of coarse, gaming!

My husband and I currently share a laptop and he is always doing school work on it. So if I won it I would give it to my husband for Christmas so we could both have a laptop to ourselves.

I am 25 years old and I still dont have my own laptop its frustrating that I have to use my little brothers laptop xD I need my own laptop... Save me from the misery!!!!

I have to use me family computer and it would be cool to have my own!

My family and I have just a desktop pc, which means taking turns and having to be at home in order to use a computer. I would use the Lenovo laptop for simple things like the internet, gaming, and also for writing music, which is a very important part of my life. I think that a laptop is a must-have tool, and has been for some time now. I guess it makes me feel as though I have limited options in terms of what I should be able to accomplish and even enjoy by only having a desktop computer...

I would give this to one of my sons for an awesome Christmas present!

i want it..cause we cant afford 2 buy..

gusto ko ng laptop sana sakin mapunta yan
para sakin pagaaral

My first and only Laptop is LENOVO. I like it.

My first and only laptop is LENOVO. I like it too much...

I Have to use it in my projects at school, reasearching my homework and assignments and the current laptop that im using now is being shared by my sister, mother and my father. it's really cool to have that to finish my work, projects, reasearch, homework and assignments very fast. Sometimes, i can't use the laptop that im using now because my sister brings it to her school ( college ) because she has many projects so much as i am, then i have to go to an internet cafe to do my projects and the progress is too slow to finish my project. With that lenovo laptop, i could use photoshop to finish my photoshop projects at school rather than go to school, use a computer and share it with 3 to 4 people. And that lenovo laptop, we can use it for moderate to heavy home use. So it's really cool to have that lenovo laptop.

I want to win that laptop because,laptop can use to communicate with others you love that are far from you.Laptops are so important to us people,not just for fun,but also for communication and entertainment.I will use it for my relatives abroad,not just me,also my neighbors that want to see their love ones abroad.

I need a very reliable laptop for when I travel, something that can take a bump or two. I read that Levovo laptaps are very durable

need a 'real' laptop, not just the netbook I've got

to keep in touch with friends and gaming

I want to be freed from y desktop!

in addition to taking over the world, i would use this to play video games with my wife while I travel for work. It's a lovely way to stay close.

Looks good, would look even better if it was mine, all mine...

I want to win the laptop because my husband just broke the power connector on his laptop. I would use the laptop as a present to my husband so that I could replace the laptop that he just broke.

holy smokes I want to win

Want to win the laptop for college

I want to win the laptop because my current computer is crap and I want to play videogames again! @Devarnished

because my computer is very old & want to keep entering giveaways

I want so I could play fallout new vegas

My wife is in school Milan Institute and could really use this computer to further her education and become more productive in her career... besides husband KO"d her last one lol....

To enter contest, use it for my online classes

I could so use this having so much trouble with old laptop.

I want to win because my fiance is a gamer, so I would actually use this as a Christmas present! Thank you!

I so need a new laptop~mine is on it's last leg!

I want to win the laptop to replace my 8 year old laptop.

I would love to replace my old desktop

I would use this laptop for my school work

my son would LOVE this!!! good luck everyone

this would replace my very outdated and slow laptop

I would use this laptop for college! :)

I would use this laptop for my class and home work

I would use this laptop with my wife so the kids could use the desktop. Tough sharing one comp. with 4 people.

I would use the laptop to keep up with my kids online activities, cyber shopping and gaming. I SO need this! Thanks for the chance to win! Good lcuk everyone!

i would use it for alot of photo editing

My computer needs some serious upgrading to do any regular gaming these days, so if I win, I would use the laptop primarily to play games and maybe set it up as a media center to use out in the living room. Thanks for the chance to win!

I'd use it to help humanity in all its, who the hell am I kidding...I'd use it to play Diablo III!

I would use this laptop for Itunes, school work, to work from home, and to stay connected with distant family and stay current on the news.

My daughter needs a new laptop for nursing school!
jofo120 at yahoo dot com

I'd use it for work -- seriously, because I work for a game company. :) Thanks!

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