Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Game Giveaway

Hey there.  Who's ready for another game giveaway?  I haven't given my Wii friends much love as of late so I decided to giveaway Metroid Prime 3: Corruption game for the Wii.  If you haven't had the chance to play it, it's definitely a must have for Metroid fans.  Samus Aran has spanned across many Nintendo platforms but to be able to use the Wiimote to aim and shoot is extremely satisfying...  and challenging.  Here's a quick recap of the game:

You ARE Samus with Wii control! By moving around with the Nunchuk and aiming Samus's gun with the Wii Remote, you'll do more than look through the eyes of Samus—you'll experience a quantum leap in first-person control. Fire on the run, grapple enemies and yank off their shields, or manipulate machinery with movements of the Nunchuk and Wii Remote—it all adds up to a level of immersion only possible on the Nintendo Wii, and the best first-person controls on any platform, period. ** Corruption is everywhere... Dark Samus, Samus's longtime nemesis, is corrupting entire planets by launching enormous seeds called Leviathans into them. Samus must travel to multiple planets—each with unique alien landscapes and dangers—to fight the corruption and track several other bounty hunters, all the while fighting the spreading Phazon that threatens to take over her body completely. As it corrupts her, it also grants her incredible powers... ** Enter Hypermode! Samus will employ a never-before-used device called a Phazon Enhancement Device (P.E.D) that harnesses the Phazon within her and puts her into a state called Hypermode. In Hypermode, Samus can destroy Phazon impediments and annihilate enemies with superpowered weapons...but it drains her health to use it, and she risks utter corruption if she doesn't empty her Phazon meter within a certain time frame. You'll need to carefully balance your need for ultimate power with the inherent danger of corruption.

Giveaway will run from now until April 16th.  Best of luck friends!  Later!
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Can't wait to see if you win?!  You can pick up Metroid Prime 3: Corruption on Amazon for the awesome price of:


I don't know much about this game but my nephew says Other M is fun.

Hey there Krab,

I would say that this game is better than Other M. I'm sure nephew would agree. Good luck!

My son likes Metroid Prime Trilogy

Even though many hated it I loved the metroid on the DS!

Metroid Prime trilogy is fun--so that is probably my favorite

Thanks for the giveaway!

That battle with Meta Ridley in the first Prime was an awesome battle.

i'd love to win this so i can give it to my friend Derrick who has a wii. 

The original Metroid Prime 1 is my favorite, on the Gamecube. ^_^

The original Metroid Prime was so hard to me! But I loved it! NES games were hella hard!

Metroid Prime took awhile for me to beat. I got stuck in a few places. As for NES version, I got so good at it, I learned to speed through it in roughly 20 mins!

I loved the Super nintendo version!
Thanks for the chance.

I have not yet played MP3 but I have played and beat all the previous Metroid games. My favorite would have to be MP. I unlocked the best ending but missed a few scans :(

My Metroid experience consists of Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime. They are great games and each have their merits. I liked both of them and just can not choose my favorite of the two.

The first Metroid Prime is my favorite so far. Followed closely by Super Metroid on SNES.

Metroid Prime on Gamecube is just so awesome. I still remember shooting walls just to see the reflection in Samus' helmet.

I liked Metroid Prime 2. It built on the experience from metroid prime 1.  3 was just too much of the same.

The Metroid Prime Series is the best!

Metroid Fusion on the Gameboy is a classic for me

Metroid Fusion is our fave.

Metroid Prime for me! Thank you!
ptavernie at yahoo dot com

Metroid Prime is a good one, but I'm surprised that I don't see much love for Super Metroid! I thought that one was a great one! Good luck!

DUDE! Super Metroid HANDS DOWN! I have to say that one is the most classic of them all

Super Metroid no doubt, made my cry.. /:C\

Original Metroid... Still have it & a working NES, that was my most favorite game besides Contra, Mega Man, & Castlevania . Let's just say if I had enough knuckles I would have justin bailey on them. (:

Oh wow, I'd have to say the original Metroid!  I remember hanging out at my cousin's house playing it on the NES~those were the days:)

Oh, the original Metroid for sure!  I remember hanging out at my cousin's house playing it on the NES for hours & hours~those were the days:)

would also have to say the original

The original is my favorite.

That looks like a fun game

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