Wednesday, April 7, 2010

(Quirky) Brotherly Love

Halloween??? Nah, just fooling around.
Hey there.  My brother and I have a pretty strong relationship.  Well, at least I like to think so.  Since we were young, we always hung out together and even more so when our father passed away over 18 years ago.  Our mother raised us on her own, but she worked so much (and partied!) that sometimes it was just us taking care of ourselves.  I'm sure that has a lot to do with how we interact with each other.  It's always a riot, we always laugh, and we have this quirkiness to what we find comical.  The Office, Dumb and Dumber, and other "quirky" shows and movies are hilarious to us.  We constantly quote them and actually use many of the phrases from these shows and movies without even thinking it about it.  Case and point:  My wife and I were driving to work or my mother in laws (can't remember where to) and she asks me, "What's a Sasquatch?", to which I replied, "Only the strongest animal on the planet!", taken directly from what Dwight says to Andy on The Office during their duel.

Now...  my wife is used to my "comedic" phrases and gestures.  This one took the cake.  She looked at me, said her "Oh my god" and turned away and chuckled to herself.  Me, on the other hand, am laughing my ass off.  lol  She then looks at me and says, "And you didn't even think about it.  You're turning into Dwight."  lol

Now... if it was my brother... we'd be going at it to see who would reign supreme.  Just look at the below...  This was an actual text conversation that we had yesterday.  The whole thing started with me asking my brother what he was having for dinner.  Don' ask...  lol  Here's the conversation, word for word...

Bro: I'm thinking "where the f*** you taking me????

Me: Not tonight, maybe some other night.  The kids made honor roll (again) this month.  lol

Bro: LOL mom never took us anywhere for honor roll

Me: Yeah, tell me about it.  We took ourselves to chuck e cheese, oh my bad...  Pistol Petes. lol

Bro: lol yea, ourselves

Me: lol

Bro: Moms had no idea I just stop bringing home the honor rolls left them in the locker lol

Me: Nah, mine "mysteriously" got lost with the homework. lol

Bro: lol  I never did homework but I managed

Me: Yeah, I stopped doing the stuff in jr. high. lol

Bro: Man I hung my certificates in class!!! lol

Me: My certificate was the template.  They had to change MY name to let other kids have some. lmao!

Bro: lmao... I would get them so often that they just started making photocopies so that they save money on the "good" paper

Me: Man, they stopped giving me certificates and just handed a lifetime achievement plaque.  Figured it would save time and money.

Bro: lmao!!! u been to HP???? I have my own statue!  I graduated and they're thinking about naming the gym after me!

Me: Don't even get me started on sh*t named in my honor!

Bro: lmao!  What the school toilet???

Me: More like a whole subject!  Ever heard of Viculus?  Look it up, you probably haven't cause you couldn't handle regular calculus.

Bro: lmao!  Stuuuuuuuppppppiddd!!!!  Ever had AP Mandizziiiee Literature???  Takes English literature to whole other level... or even AP Physical M****???  Ever heard of P90X???  Ten times worst!!!  Can't handle that kind of work out.

Now...  At this point, I know he's stumped.  Answers are not short and he took forever to respond.  He just couldn't top what I said and he knew it.  It continues...

Me: Nah, foo.  I got you on that one. lol  sh*t was weak.  lol

Bro: lol yea one for you finally lol

Me: lmao! this guy. Sore loser.

Bro:I gave u credit lol... we'll meet again

Me: That we will.

Bro: We will slap swords lmao

Yup...  that's a typical conversation between my brother and I.  Only us would have a conversation in regards to honor roll and escalate to whatever you want to call what the above is.  lol  The funny thing about it is that we'll find ANYTHING and turn it into the above.  lol  I'm curious to know if our's is unique or if some of you out there have similar relationships with your siblings.  Until we "meet again".  Later!


  1. I wish I had a relationship like that haha. But my younger brother and I aren't that close. There is a 6 year difference between us. Maybe when we are older?

  2. Lmao! I actually know a whole family like that, they have a great randomness about them. I think if me and my brothers weren't so far apart in age we would have more of that kind of conversation.

    But I can have this convo with close friends where I can let the weird shit come out of my head, I don't want to scare people away lol ...or do i?