Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ode to Chocolate

Hey there.  I think I'll start making a "Ode to ..." series.  Why not, right?  I did one for coffee awhile back and thought it was fun.  Just a spur of the moment type thing and decided to write something down.  Well, earlier, I was chatting with a friend and then she stated that she wanted chocolate.  At that moment, my wife comes in and gives me chocolate!  =oP  Oh sweet, sweet chocolate.  So, because I'm obviously a "jerk", lol, I decided to rub it in her face that I have chocolate and she doesn't.  And then decided to write about my love for chocolate.  So here's to you, my creamy friend.

Oh dear chocolate
Soft, creamy
Dark, or hard
You never cease to amaze
You never fail to satisfy
You lift dull spirits
And brighten the mood
Such delicacy
Should not be prohibited
Oh dear chocolate
I cannot contain
My love for you
I'll enjoy you privately
I'll enjoy you publicly
I'll have you wherever
Your thought entices me
Oh dear chocolate
You never judge
I'll share you with family
I'll share you with friends
You'll make all smile
All the same
So here's to you
My delicious friend
Which I'll enjoy
Until my end

1 comment:

  1. Awwww that's a good Ode lqtm. I shall recite it to my chocolate right before I consume it.