Friday, July 1, 2016

Ozeri 4x3Runner 3D Pocket Pedometer Review

Ozeri Pedometer
No more excuses... 10,000 steps a day... Here I come!
Hey there.  I've been a good little fitness guy recently.  I've gone to the gym, I've worked out a few times a week for a few months now, and I'm feeling pretty good about myself.  But now that I plan on keeping track of my progress, I need to track how much I burn during my daily walks and jogs.  Luckily, I have the Ozeri 4x3Runner Pocket 3D Pedometer to keep track of those stats for me.  The awesome people at Ozeri provided me with this great pedometer to try out and review and let me tell you, this pedometer does not disappoint!  Before I get into my experience, let's talk specs!

  • Walking/Jogging Mode
  • 3D Acceleration Sensor
  • Displays Calories & Fat Burned, Distance, Time, Speed, and Steps
  • Goal Setting
  • Internal Flash Memory (up to 30 Days Data)
  • Split Count Function (Jogging Mode Only)
  • Power Saving Function
  • Up to 1 Year Battery Life
Setting up the Ozeri 4x3Runner Pedometer was extremely easy. After removing all the plastic stuffs, the pedometer immediately turned on and went straight into set up mode. Here, you set up your step goal, your weight, your walking stride (in feet), your jog stride (in feet), time, and date. If by chance you made a mistake, all you have to do is hold the MODE button for a few seconds and you'll go right back into set up mode. This is handy for when you want to switch up your goals as well. Once done, you pretty much just clip it to your belt, or put it in your bag or pocket, and start walking. The pedometer will keep track of how many steps you have taken and will display that info, as well as the percentage of how far you've come to reach your goal. If you make your goal, you'll see "100%" displayed. If you didn't make your goal, the percentage will tell you how far or close you came to reaching it. If you want to see more detailed stats, pressing the MODE button will allow you to toggle between how many steps to your goal, calories burned, distance traveled (in miles), fat burned (in ounces), time walked/jogged, and pace (in miles per hour). Another awesome thing about this pedometer is that it also has a 30 day stored memory. So you can go back and see how you did in the last 30 days. I thought this was great so that you can personally see if you are doing better, or worse, and which days you met your goal. It's a great motivational tool to keep you moving!

I also love that this pedometer can track your jogging as well. During set up, you can adjust your jogging stride and the Ozeri 4.3Runner Pedometer will adjust and keep track of your stats for that as well. I think that's pretty awesome since it can distinguish between walking and jogging! Also, while jogging, you can do a split count. Essentially, it's a separate set of stats that the pedometer will keep track of while on a jog. Let's say, you're going to jog 3 miles, but you want to see how you do on that last mile, on mile 2, you would press the split button and when you are finished with your jog, press it again. Not only will get stats for your complete job, but you'll now have individual stats just for that last mile. I think this is great! And just like with walking, while in jogging mode, if you press the MODE button, you can toggle between all the different stats available and you can go back up to 30 days as well.

A couple more features of note: The device will turn off after 1 minute of inactivity and will instantly turn back on once you get moving. Awesome that it preserves battery life. Also, the pedometer will not display stats until you walk for at least 10 steps. The pedometer will keep tabs of the 10 steps and will start displaying on the 11th. I love this since the pedometer will only keep track of your steps once it assures itself that you are actually walking as opposed to accidental movement. The pedometer also has a stopwatch feature, which is nice to have if you want to time yourself. And the last thing that is worth mentioning is the internal flash memory. Your information will stay saved even if you pull out the battery. So no need to worry about losing your info when switching out the battery.

This Ozeri 4x3Runner Pocket Pedometer is one of the most well put together pedometers that I have ever used. It is extremely accurate, it does a great job distinguishing steps from accidental bumps, and has a whole slew of information that you can keep track of 30 days at a time.  The only thing that would make this pedometer perfect would be if you can recharge it via a microUSB port.  Most electronic devices are now rechargeable so it's a but of a bummer that this awesome pedometer relies on a watch battery for power.

You know, many of use need visuals. This great pedometer will show you how much fat and calories you burn, how much you walked, and how far you did it. Once you actually see it, you'll be amazed as to how awesome you did. That's a great motivational tool and I'm glad that I was able to pick a great pedometer that will show it to me.  You can pick up this awesome pedometer at Amazon for under $25!

So what do you look for in a pedometer?  You think this satisfies your needs?  Let's hear it in the comments, friends!  Later!

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