Thursday, July 7, 2016

Avatar Mobile Game Landing Ahead of Film Sequels

Avatar Movie
Who can forget the massive impact the Avatar had on the film industry and movie goers alike. James Cameron’s making of the alien world Pandora created a huge buzz on the big screen and off, generating a whopping $2.8 billion on box office. This movie is said to be the most technologically advanced film of our time and allows viewers to dive into a new and exciting world of entertainment.

With all the affection for the first movie, anticipation for sequels runs high. It has been announced that four film sequels are due in the next few years, with the first of which making its debut in late 2018. The films are rumored to be filmed simultaneously, but only released one after another to bring us into the year 2021. In anticipation of this release, a stimulating new mobile Avatar game is on its way.

Lightstorm Entertainment and 20th Century Fox have placed the daunting task of creating this game in the hands of game studio Kabam, to be released before that of the film sequels. This game is said to be independent from the new films story line, however, some collaborations between the games and movie’s artists and developers will take place.

One exciting aspect of the game will be the separate and different outcomes which the player may find. Decision making within the game by the player will ultimately affect the player’s outcomes, making for a more realistic storyline. This allows for each player to have their own experiences just like in online casinos and to make their own choices within the game.

This multiplayer strategy game is sure to electrify the Avatar buzz once more, and set the scene for the next four film sequels to be released. You can also similar games by clicking Online Pokies Australia | Best Aussie Online Pokies Casino - Play the best online pokiegames for Australians at Casino Aus, the site has all the information you need to know about online casino games.

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