Thursday, April 11, 2013

Defiance Premiers on April 15th on SyFy

Hey there.  Who's excited for the brand new series, Defiance, on SyFy?!  I know I am.  Ever since Battlestar Galactica ended, there hasn't been a good sci-fi series on TV.  Defiance has it's sights on changing that!  The show premiers on Monday, April 15 but guess what....  I got invited to advance screening of Defiance at The Landmark theater in Los Angeles!  And to top it off, there will be game and console giveaways at the screening!  How awesome is that?!  If I'm lucky enough to snag one or two, I'm thinking it may just be given away to one of you lucky readers!  So what is Defiance?  Let's go into a little bit of details, shall we?

The premise of the show is about a man, Joshua, who has just finished serving in the way and heads home, only to find that his hometown is no longer the city that he remembers.  His hometown, now called "Defiance", is constantly being attacked by both humans and aliens and continuously being ransacked by scavangers, so Joshua takes up the position of "top cop" to help defend "Defiance."  It sound like a pretty good show and the trailers look pretty good.  I'm grateful to get the invite to the advance screening of show and I can't wait to exprience it before it sets to premier on SyFy!  Later!

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