Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Looking for Cheap Auto Insurance

Hey there.  You've all seen the commercials for auto insurance.  Some of them are funny and others are pretty straight forward and to the point.  I have a friend that used to work in the auto insurance field and she would give it to me straight.  What was the best coverage for the lowest price.  Easy and simple.  She no longer works in that field and I found myself needing to find a new auto insurance policy when I noticed that my monthly premium was slowly increasing.  I don't know if maybe the policies of said company changed or what, but when your payments jump from $50 to $75, there was time for a change.  It would have been great if I would have been able to find cheap auto insurance quotes all in a single spot as opposed to jumping all over the place.

I spent a good month or so getting quotes.  Phone calls and online forms were beginning to be a drag.  I was beginning to think that maybe car insurance rates simply went up in California.  Everywhere I called, the premium was hovering at around $70.  Maybe it was just my high expectations to find awesome insurance for a low price but I refused to pay anything over $60 for car insurance.  In the end, I managed to find auto insurance for both of my cars for a whopping $61 a month!  Whoo hoo!  But man... it was a huge pain to find it.

I guess my question to you guys is where do you go for cheap car insurance?  Do you go to one of the big name guys or do you look for a local auto insurance dealer?  I'm curious to know.  Especially since auto insurance is mandatory for all vehicles in operation in the state of California.  If it came down to where I need to switch my auto insurance policy again, I wouldn't want to go all over the place again trying to find the best policy!  Also, what kind of experience have you had with auto insurance dealers.  Do you prefer to deal with a brick and mortar location or have everything done online?  Later!

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