Friday, April 5, 2013

VitalAlert Provides Medical and Security Response with a Touch of a Button

Hey there. Have you ever seen that commercial where an elderly person falls and exclaims, "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!"? I know I have. And you know what... I never really paid attention to the message that the commercial was giving us.  My wife recently started to take care of her grandmother and has been doing errands and what not for her.  Whether it be a trip to the grocery store, pharmacy, or doctor's visit, my wife is there.  But what if something happens when my wife is not there?  What if grandma has a "I can't get up!" moment?  That's why VitalAlert is essential for peace of mind.

VitalAlert provides the elderly and disabled people with a medical and security response system with a touch of a button.  Now, for those of you that think that the "I can't get up!" moment is an exaggeration, it's not.  It happens.  We live in a world of cell phones now but it's not guaranteed that grandma will have her phone with her at all times.  She'll need something small that she can have with her at all times.  Something that is easily accessable and easy to use.  VitalAlert addresses these needs and more.  VitalAlert can be worn as a pendant around the neck, it can be worn around your wrist like a watch, or can be clipped on to a belt like a cell phone.  3 easily accessable ways that VitalAlert can be there when needed.

"So it's easily accessable.  Big deal, Metallman, tell me why I should bother getting VitalAlert for the elderly or disabled in my family."

Glad you asked.  Ok, here's the situation.  Worse case scenario, something is seriously wrong with grandma.  She's already fallen and she's feeling pain.  With a touch of a button, VitalAlert will have medically trained dispatchers sent her way.  The medical alert button also acts as a two way radio so if grandma needs to speak to someone about any discomfort or pain, VitalAlert's trained staff can talk to her and help diagnose the issue right then and there at any time and at any day.  Thier Personal Emergency Response System is always monitoring and always ready for when an emergency strikes.  What about meds?  It's a known fact that as you get older, your memory slowly slips away.  What if grandma has some questions about the medication that needs to be taken?  VitalAlert is there for that too.  VitalAlert partners with over 30 hospitals and 3000 physicians and countless nurses to help with your medical questions.  Their unmatched 24 hour nurse line services can easily be accessed using VitalAlert and provide grandma with the guidance she needs.

And you know what... VitalAlert is not only good for medical situations.  If grandma feels that there is a burglar in her home, she can use VitalAlert to get help sent to her fast!  The trained staff will alert local authorities for her if she cannot get to a phone.  It's just one of the many added features that you get with VitalAlert.

You can't put a price on peace of mind.  You don't want to have a disaster happen and be left with thoughts of, "I should have been there."  Once we enter our golden years, we're going to need a little added help.  Many of us will not want to give up our independence and will still want to live on our own.  Just know that with VitalAlert being just an arms reach away, grandma will never truely be alone.  If you need more information, here is how VitalAlert works and while there, make sure to read on all the features available!  Later!

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