Friday, January 21, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII - 2 Trailer

Freakin' awesome!!!


  1. Great animation.
    Personally, I still prefer the "childish-looked" characters in FF IX.

  2. OMG! You're right it is Freakin' Awesome, now there's an excuse to get a PS3, not as if I need an excuse ;)

  3. Whoa ...... hell yeah .Damn lightning more sexy then ever........ Damn.. can't wait and they changed the battle system and stuff..............but i really would like to see a more darker adult adaption ha maybe in the longer lines.

  4. The game just has the name Final Fantasy, nothing Final Fantasy in there, and that's it.It's just a little disappointed.But it's still a fare game to waste time when you could get it around $19.99 or below.

  5. Hey there Karen,

    lol I just managed to get a PS3 and I must admit that it's definitely a more powerful machine that the XBOX 360. FFXIII looks way better on the PS3 than XBOX 360. I'm glad I was able to score a free one! ;)


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