Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Fantasy XIII - 2 Announced

Hey there.  I'm giddy.  Not too long ago, there was word that Square Enix was trademarking logos and potential names for future Final Fantasy projects.  Me being a huge fan of the series, saw it as a sign that we may be getting a new Final Fantasy game soon.  Well, it looks like we will be getting a new Final Fantasy game and it's going to be a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII.  Check out the logo below.
Looks like we're in for another adventure with Lightning.  Well... at least the woman on the right looks like Lightning.  As with all Final Fantasy logos, there definitely is an insight to the game there.  Black and white?  Good and evil?  Maybe the reinvention of Lightning?  Who know but I'm definitely looking forward to this game!  Until then, later!


  1. I just adore the Final Fantasy series of games, must be that I've played the majority of them on most of the consoles, there's just something that appeals to me ;)

  2. Hey there Karen,

    Same here. It's just a captivating series and I've always been drawn to it. I'm a pretty thrifty guy when it comes to games but I never mind paying full price for a FF game.

  3. It is just a capitivating series always been drawn to it...Thanks....

  4. FF was cool until part 13 killed the series. we need old FF team. FF should still be geared to OG fans, not new age fans that want to see more action and less, strategy.

  5. Hey there Anonymous,

    I disagree with you. FFXIII was definitely a strategic game. In most boss battles you had to find the right combination of jobs to get you through the fight. I enjoyed and I also like the fact that they're willing to tweek the battle system to assure that it has the FF feel, but it's a completely different game from previous installments.


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