Thursday, January 20, 2011

Google Gods Have Blessed Metallman with a PR3

Hey there.  The new Google Page Rankings are now out and I'm happy to announce that Metallman's Reverie now has a PR3!  Whoo hoo!  For the first 2 years I was stuck with a dreaded PR0.  I didn't care much about it since I have my small following and rankings really didn't matter to me.  This last year, I was blessed with a PR2.  I was pretty stoked about that since that dreaded 0 was dropped.  Now that I am about to embark in my 4th year blogging (wow... really?  It's been almost 3 full years already?!?!?), I have earned a PR3!  Pretty damn awesome!  I have come to realize that a strong PR shows that your dedication and hard work is appreciated by the online gods.  Starting off 2011 with a bang.  I love it.  Thanks to all my readers.  You guys are making it happen.  Later!

Check out your updated Google PR here.


  1. Congrats on having a PR 3. Yeah, I don't always think about the PR but a bigger one surely is an inspiration:).

  2. You must have spend much time building quality backlinks sir. Good for you.

  3. Hey there friends,

    Thank you all for the compliments! They are greatly appreciated.

  4. Congratulations Metallman! and thanks for visiting my blog too. So far after a couple of months of hardwork, i have PR0 too. More power!

  5. Yay! I was blessed with a PR3 too, but my other blog dropped to 0 from last year's 1. I agree that it's a culmination of all our efforts in updating our blogs. :)


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