Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do You Rate Local Busniesses?

Hey there.  Do you guys rate businesses in your area?  I mean, by going to some website online and providing some kind of ranking to show your displeasure or satisfaction to a service or business that you recently visited?  I ask because not too long ago, I started seeing these suckers on drive thru windows:
Now this is interesting.  Usually great burger joints are passed on through word of mouth but now I'm seeing that more and more are being looked at online.  My problem with is that it's mainly a rating system and is new to the "search for" world so I wonder if is the way to go.  I did a quick local search find that it's more of a hybrid of several rating and search systems.  Find a business and rate it, all in one location.

I say that would be a better place to go to search and rate.  I'm not knocking on  I think that what they're doing is great.  I'm just saying that is doing it better.  Do a quick local search yourself and let me know what you think.  Who knows, maybe we'll start seeing more decals across business windows with the below logo.  Later!

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  1. You see your local news and local sports news and local business news etc in a local paper. WHO finds out about them if the paper doesn't get a news tip?