Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Youtube Video Hits

Hey there.  I've been playing around with the idea of posting Youtube videos that I create on this site.  Now... I'm all for the idea, but I'm concerned with how the view counter on youtube works.  If I embed a video here and someone watches it, will that view register with Youtube?  Hmmm...  I need to find that out.  Not that it matters a great deal but I want to be able to accurately see if my videos are being seen or not.  I do have a Youtube channel but just a mere 3 videos on it and they were done to test out some features here on Metallman's Reverie or the features on my phone.  I've been wanting to create some original stuff to embed but I want to assure myself that when I'm testing out this new material, the view counter will be accurate. 

It's still an idea that is in it's infant stage and I'm open to suggestions as to what would be in these videos.  Stupid stunts?  Funny jokes? (nah, that's why we have Funny Fridays)  "Metallman" sings the classics?  Answer questions a la Old Spice Guy? (which I think is great!)  I don't know.  I need to find the content that is right for me that would work in this segment.  I still need to put some more thought into that.  Until then... later!


  1. As far as I know a ply is a play, and any embedded videos will increase the play count ;)

    I didn't know you had a YouTube channel, just been over and subscribed as RemBeatZ ;)

    If you do start posting "funny videos" it will certainly improve your blogs bounce rate as well as bring in some fresh new readers and hopefully subscribers ;)

  2. Hey there Karen,

    Thanks for the tips and info. I'm thinking of posting stuffs shortly. I'm sure that it'll be erratic at first until I find something that I am most comfortable with.

    And thanks for subscribing, even though I don't have much. lol But at least you'll know when I start adding content!! lol I am now a subscriber to Rembeatz! Thanks!