Monday, July 26, 2010

Motivational Monday - Perspective

Hey there.  Monday's suck.  There's no question about it.  After having some time away from work and spending it the way you see fit, the last thing you want to do is get up early and go to work.  It's why many of us suffer from a case of "The Mondays".  But you know what... it really isn't THAT bad and I loved that the below sums it up quite nicely.  lol  Later!


  1. Oh I just hate Mondays! First day back in to work after a lazy weekend, but hey, it pays the bills ;) And there is always the evening to chill out to some good music and DVD ;)

  2. I don't like Mondays either for that signals the start of a week without my husband here at home in the mornings (and when our daughter is very active and playful). But you're also right about keeping things in perspective. I always try and say this to myself: "Count your blessings, Mia!"