Friday, July 16, 2010

The Mel Gibson Benefit Show feat. Mark Gonzales

Hey there.  There has been a lot of talk of Mel Gibson and his idiotic rants to his girlfriend/wife/baby momma.  And even though he's being torn apart from the media, one man is out to help out Sergeant Martin Riggs by hosting a benefit show!  Check out the flyer above for The Mel Gibson Benefit Show with my friend and comedian, Mark Gonzales.

I've missed a few of his shows, so I declare myself to be an awful fan, but I plan on changing that!  I plan on attending this event and hope that you all you friends in the Los Angeles area can make it as well.  

Check out his twitter page for a small taste of the humor of Mark Gonzales.  Hope to see you guys there!  Later!

PS:  We all know Mel Gibson is a huge douche for doing the things he's done and saying the things he's said.  This is a comedy show, people.  Take nothing seriously, laugh the night away, and have yourself a great time.  Later!


  1. I don't think anyone takes Mel Gibson seriously do they? Come on, if they do, then they need to just look at some of his awful films LOL

  2. Hey there Karen,

    Believe it or not, people do. lol That's why I had to add that little tidbit at the end. Already received some hate mail cause people thought it was an actually benefit show. lol Where's your sense of humor people!!!