Friday, February 19, 2010

Tiger, Is That the Best You Can Do?

Hey there.  So today is the infamous "Apology Friday", known so because today is the day that Tiger Woods publicly apologized for his infidelity.  My first problem with this is why did it have to take 3 months to issue an apology?  If you screwed up, then fess up to it, admit your faults and do what you can to rectify the issue.  You speak from the heart and wear your emotions your sleeve.  This "apology" that Tiger spewed out this morning was nothing of that sort.

My first impression was that this "apology" was a definitely scripted and nothing more than a well rehearsed speech.  If you are there to apologize, you don't walk out with a stack full of papers in your hand.  Maybe an index card or two to remind you of names, time, dates or whatever, but this 15 min speech was all written on paper and Tiger didn't so much speak as he did read.  And slowly too.....  He spoke in a monotone voice, displaying very little emotions, and to be honest, could be compared to a robot.  Who wants to believe a robot that is apologizing?  You're more inclined to believe that the words were programmed to be spoken and I definitely got that vibe from Tiger.  He played the part of the robot, while his PR crew played the part of the programmer.

I'm very disappointed by this so called apology.  The man changed the game of golf, he brought it mainstream, there are video games with him on them and even some kids have started watching the game because of Tiger.  I believe that his family, his friends, his fans, and even to an extent, his mistresses, deserved a more heart felt apology than the craptastic speech that was on display this morning.  His family, for the hell that he's putting his wife and kids through.  His friends for his display of recklessness and lack of self control.  His fans for the damage that he has made to the millions of fans that admired and adored him.  His mistresses... even though they new what they were doing is wrong, I'm certain that Tiger may have strung a few along promising the world.

I'm disappointed in you, Tiger.  As I watched you speak, I was waiting for the moment where you would not look down and read your papers.  I looked for the moment where what you spoke of was genuine and true.  I looked for that emotion that would tell me that you are truly, deeply sorry.  That moment never came.  Even when you got up to hug your mother, I felt it was an awkward moment.  It didn't feel real.  I'm sorry Tiger, but I just don't believe that this "apology" of yours.  And to be honest, if you can't look at me, the fan, in the eye and speak the from the heart, how I can follow and support you?  How can I look at you and believe what is coming out of your mouth?  I just don't think I can.  Later.

For those of you that didn't get a chance to see it, you can view it here.  Courtesy of


  1. I agree with you 100%. His speech was so unemotional and scripted. I didn't even finish watching it.

  2. First, its because the way in which it came to light is "exciting" to the media, the mysterious auto accident, etc, and that sells. Also, he has a enjoyed a mostly squeaky clean public persona.


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