Friday, March 14, 2008

Guitar Hero

Hey. I was playing Guitar Hero III last night and man did I struggle with it. I'm currently on Hard mode and I just could not get through that one song, 3's and 7's I think it's called, and that one song from Knights of Cydonia. I must've spent like 45 mins on each song, if not longer. My boy was watchin', keeping an eye on the rock meter and ever few seconds you hear, "dad, you're slipping". lol I'm not a fan of "Queenwhatever" so I am not familiar with that 3's and 7's song. I failed miserably on it many times and I didn't just get through the song... I survived it.

Different story with the Knights song. I've heard that one before and am pretty familiar with it. My boy loves to play that song as his warm up so I've heard more than enough times. I was frustrated with the fact that I could not get through the triplets. As soon as they came out, seconds later, I was booed off staged. I swear Lou was staring at me telling me that I suck and that he's ashamed that I am using him as my character. "Dude, I'm the devil! I don't fail!" lmao

In the middle of my "shits" and "fucks", my wife looks over to me and says, "Chill man, it's just a game." lol I laughed. I simply said that the game got pretty difficult. What I didn't tell her is that it wasn't just the game, that I was frustrated at. For all you RPG fans out there, you know the felling of kicking ass in a dungeon and then all of sudden meeting certain death. It fuckin' sucks! Especially when you didn't save! It felt the same way with Knights. I was able to get through the intro, the bridge, the chorus and what not with out any issues, but once I got to the triplets... BAM!!! Certain death. It's was as if I was playing a Final Fantasy XII. You got through the mazes, you climbed over cliffs, you killed the shit out of beasts, and you finally confront the Esper. You're like, "Hell Yeah!", then you realize... you're no match for it and within a minute it's got your ass on a plate. Then the kicker... YOU FORGOT TO SAVE!!!! lol It's basically a rookie move cause if you're a Final Fantasy fan you know damn well you best be saving whenever you can but admit it friends, IT'S HAPPENED TO YOU! We live and we learn. lol

My boy made me laugh. After explaining to him what triplets are, he muttered... "They should call those the triplets of death." I use that phrase often, ... "of death". Like croutons... I hate those damn things so I call them "The little cubes of death". lol Just thought it was kinda cool that my boy started using that phrase too.

Anyways, after a few practice sessions, I finally got through the song. Then, guess what... the goddamn game froze right when Lou was acknowledging the crowd. Inside, I was screaming. Lou was mocking me, yet again... My boy expressed his emotions more freely by dropping to his knees, letting out a "Nooooooooooo! It froze!!!!" lol I did the inevitable and restarted the game. After cleaning the disc, of course. But yeah, that hurt...

After a few more tries, and many practice sessions later, I got through the song... with the minimum 3 stars. Well.... at least I think that's the minimum. I haven't gotten anything less than that. So now I go on to the "4 songs of death" which I know fairly well but considering that the game is kicking my ass in hard... I know I'll have a lot of practice sessions and Lou, glancing over at me... hanging his head in shame. Later!

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