Sunday, March 30, 2008

Anime Series

Hey there. I think I need a new series to watch. These past couple of months I quenched my anime fix with a couple of good series and a few movies. Now, I am at a loss as too what I should watch next.

I recently saw the movie, "I Love my Younger Sister". After checking out some reviews, I thought that it would be a good story. I was wrong. Visually, the movie was good, but the story just seemed a little blah to me. It's exactly what the title states. A bro discovers that he has feelings for his sister. And yes, friends, it's THOSE kinds of feelings. The story did have a few plot twists but nothing that wasn't expected. Overall, I give this one a 2 out of 5.

The thing that is intriguing about this flick is that it's about a taboo subject. You don't see much media in regards to the subject of incest so it's interesting that there is a whole movie out there on the subject. Guess my curiosity got the best of me on this one.

I also caught the Witchblade series. From what I hear, there are significant changes from the manga and anime. I thought the anime was great. Again, I'm a sucker for a good story and even though this anime is geared at attract attention with the eyes, there is definitely a good story behind the visuals.

I guess cause I'm a parent but the fact that a mother would do anything for thier child, really caught my attention early on in the series. Especially since the story starts with Masane and Riko running from the law. lol But only because they wanna be together and "the man" is trying to tear them apart.

Inbetween the many ass kicking battles with excons, a love triangle developes within Masane, Takayama, and Tozawa. Tozawa, the freelance photographer, has it for Masane even though the bastard wont admit it but because Masane spends so much time with Takayama (her boss) whom she ultimately falls for, he acts the cool guy and does not reveal his true feelings.

During all this, there's the story of Riko (Masane's daughter) and Masane. They have a strong bond and even though Riko acts more of a mother than Masane, Masane tries to have Riko's best interest at heart. She makes a difficult dicision when it turns out that Reina, Riko's real mother, comes into the picture and asks for her daughter.

As a parent, nothing would hurt more than to sit and tell your child that you're going to die. That's exactly what Masane tells Riko. Sitting in a grassy field, holding your daughter, telling her that she won't ever be alone, no matter what happened to her. Very touching.

Leaving out many details friends. This is just an overview. Go and watch the series. good stuff.

Oh and then I discovered these bad ass figurines from the series. Maybe I'll get one or two. Check em out. It's my understanding these are just the first few figures. There will be more to come to cover the other characters. Until then, later.

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