Monday, March 24, 2008

Vacation Update

Hey. So we had our vacation last week. Man, was it great. Felt good to get away from work and just spend time with the kiddos and wife, you know. Like my good friend Jack said, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."


So on Monday, we took it easy. Spent some of the day at Chuck E. Cheese. Every kid on earth loves that place. Not to mention a few adults. Had us some pizza and enjoyed us some games. I challenged myself in that basketball game that they have. I saw the "jackpot score" of 60 and said to myself that I could beat that. I spent a good chunk of coins there... reaching for at least 61 but topped out at 58. Damn me and my competitiveness. lol

Afterwards, I dropped off my wife at her friend's place. A friend she hasn't seen in ages and recently had a baby. While she was there, I took the kiddos to buy some movie tickets. After picking up my wife awhile later, we caught Horton Hears a Who. I enjoyed it, thought it was a cool movie for the kiddos. Man, while there, I ordered the large popcorn and a large drink, thinking it was good enough for them and they fucked it up!!! And I refilled the popcorn and drink! lol I was like, whoa! These little ones sure can eat. lol


Day of fun at Disneyland. We did the standard stuff like the teacup ride and others that are in that general area. We jumped on a new one for us, which was the Winnie the Pooh ride, which the littlest one loved. We actually got on it twice. We also boarded the sub for the new Nemo ride. Waited almost an hour and a half for it, but the ride was worth it. Felt better afterwards cause I heard that it took some almost 3 hours of wait time just to get on. We had our lunch and went back to enjoy ourselves some more. Also got on this Buzz Lightyear one which we all thought was pretty cool since you get to shoot at shit and get points. The best part about it though is that they take your picture and you can Email it to yourself, for free! So that was pretty bad ass. Nice souvenir for free. We wanted to get on again, but couldn't since out littlest fell asleep. She missed the fireworks show, which was pretty good too. Afterwards, we did some shopping and off we went.

I know I forgot some stuff. As I remember, I'll edit. lmao


This was to be a "my wife and I" day, but we were soooo tired that we chilled for most of the day. We did spend some time alone, though. Dropped off the kids with their grandma and we took off shopping. Got us a new camera since ours was pretty much outdated. When your camera has just as much MPs than your phone, it's time to upgrade. lol So we got this cool 7MP cam which takes better pics and in way better focus too.

It was good to spend some alone time with my wife. Don't get much of that now a days, especially with the kids and house stuff to preoccupy ourselves with.


Back in the car off to Disneyland again!!!! Not! Instead, we went to California Adventure. As we approach the park, there is this long line and everyone was asked to stay to the right. We're all like, what the hell. I joke around by saying that the early birds get special parking. Actually, it was free parking! But it was soooooooo far away and we had to walk! The price we paid for free walking... We were already tired before we even got there. lol

Disneyland has this "2fer" thing going on where if you go to one park, the other is free. We took advantage and went to other park. We've never been there so it was a new experience for us. We found it better than Disneyland, because the lines were shorter and the characters were more open for pics. We took a shit load of pics with all kinds of characters and then didn't just disappear on you without notice. They would say 10 mo mins or whatever so we thought that was cool. Also, they have this photo pass thing that I thought was great. The photographer hands you this card and each time you see a photographer, you give them your pass and they will take your picture with a specific background or character and you can view those pictures online, for free! Again, free souvenirs is always great.

We tested out our new cam, which was great. Took a shit load of pics. Don't know what the hell happened on one instance though. We had just switched the batteries so that we can have fresh ones for after lunch and it died in the middle of a pic. My wife was pissed cause she thought that I implied that it was her fault. She said that I told her it was cause she left it on. Maybe my words came out wrong (which is usually the case) but I think it was just a freak out from the cam cause even if she were to leave it on, it wouldn't have died after 15 mins or so... So it was just plain weird but... yeah, she was pissed cause it was a family photo that I took with that one princess ant and it was a nice pic too, I saw it before the cam died and when I switched the batteries again, the photo was not saved. Huge downer.

As far as the rides go, they were good. The Monsters Inc one was good. We also caught the 3D film of the Muppets which was good too. Our little one, experiencing 3D for the first time, got up off the chair on many occassions trying to grab the objects. lol The Bugs 3D included other senses as well so that one was great. I had a kick watching her trying to pop bubbles or catching bugs. lol We spent most of our day in the "Hollywood Blvd" and the Bugs Life area. We missed out on the Pier and the this forresty area. We'll catch those next time. You can't expect to do it all in one day.

The ride of the night, though, was definitely the "Tower of Terror". We had to "ride switch" that one because our little one wasn't allowed on. I went first with my boy, which he was already shittin' it before we even got on. Had to explain that it was just a ride and that everything around him was just there for show and that he shouldn't be scared. Once on the ride, and you catch that first glimsp of the outside and you're like, whoa, we're pretty high up. The view was awesome. You're up some 20 stories or so and you can see the outside before you drop. Definitely recommend it. After our boy and I "survived" it, my wife got on our daughter and they both "survived" it as well. lol I was receiving texts from her saying she was scared and I assured that all would be well and to just hold on tight. lol

Afterwards, we were tired. ALL OF US. Instead of eating dinner at the park, we decided to grab something on the way back. We all dreaded the walk back. Felt like it would take forever to ger there. Damn free parking. lol


Why can I not remember Friday? Oh yeah, we took a day of rest on Friday. It was my comadre's B day. She was throwing herself a BBQ but we stayed home because our little one got the stomach bug and wasn't feeling all that great. Some kid must've sneezed on her or something while at California Adventure. She started to throw up in the morning and couldn't really keep anything down. Soon after, she started getting the runs and late night, had a fever. She kept saying that she was sick and held her lil tummy. It worried my wife some, but I know our little one is a toughie. We gave her some meds and the fever was soon gone and she slept well.

Sometime during the day, I snuck out and got my wife some pearls. She's been asking for them since forever but I never seem to remember to get them for her during a special occassion. So while it was fresh on my mind, I took off and got her a set of pearls, just because, which she absolutely loves. Brownie points for me. lol

That's it for our week long vacation. Not bad, right? Later!

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