Monday, March 24, 2008

Guitar Hero Update

Hey. Just to give an update, I finally got through One in Hard mode and after many failed attempts, defeated Lou to advance into Expert Mode. Was all proud of myself cause that mo'fo was difficult to overcome. I feel a little better today knowing that I'm not the only one that struggled tremendously with those solos at the end of One. After speaking with a friend, her cuz that is "really good" still cannot get through those and he's been at it for about a month.

I'll most likely try to at least 4 star all the songs on Hard before I move on to Expert. I was doing that in Easy Mode but I was using those songs as a warm up. Funny how at first those songs seemed difficult and now I'm breezing through them "easily" getting 5 stars if not the 5 golden stars. I'm going to start using the Medium Mode as a warm up now. I have about 6 songs there that I need to 5 star.

I also had my best score on Through the Fire and Flames and I still did not 5 star the damn thing. Don't know the exact number but I jumped it from 218K to about 248K. I thought for sure I'd nail it, but... it wasn't to be. Maybe next time.

I hooked up our PS2 (yes it's a PS2, read my gas price blog below... lol) online so I now am hooked up to play against the world. It's a shame that they forgot to include GH3 for PS2 online play. It's available for PS3, but I don't have one of those. lol Was hoping to challenge myself with other players out there but it didn't happen.

Until then, later.

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