Friday, May 11, 2012

Dwight Schrute Sweater

Someone buy me this sweater now!!!


Where did you find this??

Hey there Lauren. No idea! I stumbled upon it during my travels across the internet, looking for hilarious and funny things. lol

do you know where i can buy this sweater? :/

Can anyone tell me where I can buy this??

i think sells them!!

You have solved the mystery, Bridget! I will look for it there and if I find it, I will post a link to buy it in the post! MANY THANKS!

No luck yet, Shelby! I've tried but I have yet to find this particular sweater. I think their site may be having some issues since I was not able to search or buy anything on there.


i want this so bad it hurts. i would never remove it. please, whoever decent good soul finds this, let me pay you one million dollars for it.

Whoa! With that kind of money on the table, I'll be searching all day and night for that sweater!!!! lol
thats where you buy!

Sorry, Jesse. I checked it out and they DO NOT have the Dwight sweater on sale!

Aw man...I want this sweater! Dwight is my boy!!!! I have a poster and his bobblehead!!

Hey there Adella. I still have not been able to find this sweater anywhere. There have been sites that were suggested, but when I check them out to link to the sweater, they don't have it or the site is no good!!!!

Omgg I need this sweater now

it was custom made on

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