Friday, August 12, 2011

Dance Central for the Xbox Kincet

Hey there.  When the Xbox Kinect first came out, I was a little skeptical of it's use and it's longevity.  I figured that petting animals and pretending to kick a ball would not have the lasting appeal that many hardcore gamers are looking for.  Nevertheless, when I offered a Kinect at a bargain price, I picked it up.  I figured that I would use it as a means of exercise.  I even picked up the Zumba dance game for it in hopes to increase my dancing stats. lol

So far, I wouldn't call the Kinect a disappointment or a failure.  Especially since I have my copy of Rise of Nightmares reserved and I recently learned that the ever popular Fruit Ninja will be available for Kinect.  It looks like there's a conscience effort into bringing what the people want to the Kinect.  But until then, I have the joy of watching the kids dance.  I recently purchased Dance Masters for the Kinect, since the girls just love to dance.  What I didn't expect was for my youngest to want in on the action as well.  They get so into it and I like seeing them get down.  lol  Check out my 2 youngest showing off their moves at home.  Videos like this definitely made the Kinect worthwhile.  Later!

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