Monday, October 5, 2009

...And Pre-Labor Begins

Hey there. I just received word from my wife that she's experiencing contractions. Today could be the day, and if it's not, our son will definitely be here by the end of the week. She started to feel them when we got up this morning but paid no mind to them since she knows she needs to experience contractions within 10 minute intervals. She's started to time them and sees that she's experiencing them closer to 30 minutes apart. Still no need to rush to the hospital, but we're definitely entering the labor stage of our pregnancy.

We were hoping for an Oct. 7th birthday. That's my dad's birthday and it would have been if my son would have been able to share his birthday with my father. Our older son honors my father by bearing his name so it would have been perfect if our little one would be able to honor him by sharing a birthday. Considering that contractions are 30 mins apart, it may still happen. Nevertheless, if he comes out completely healthy, we'll be just as thrilled.

Hopefully, it's not these Braxton Hicks contractions (or fake ones, as my wife likes to call them) that's fooling us into thinking that it may be today. From what my wife says, they could be fake ones that are just getting her ready for the real contractions. Either way, I think our little will be here soon! I'll keep you guys updated. Later!


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  2. oh wow, any time now. We will get to see a picture won't we?