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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tournament for 4 Starts Today

Hey there. Today is the start of the Guitar Hero tournament "Tour for 4". It's my first team competition, which is pretty much played out like a regular tournament, except that scores will be based on your groups participants and how well they rank. My tour group, Underneath the Bleachers, is ranked 12th best out of over 10,000 tour groups. That's pretty impressive if you ask me. Check out some of the gear that you can score to show support for the group Underneath the Bleachers.

Anyways, the competition spans over 4 days, with each day dedicated to a game. The competition starts today with GH: III. I'm planning on participating on 3 or the 4 days and the sad part about it is... that my freaking guitar controller is acting stupid. I'm pretty sure I can fix it since I know what the problem is. As you do a down stroke, the "click" is not registering it as a strum. I've already looked into the guitar and have seen the problem. I haven't been able to fix it only because the stupid screws in the guitar are super little and I do not have the "star" bit small enough to fit the screws. A friend that I have met in the community, Xara, informed me how the guitars that came with GH: World Tour game seem to give out after awhile. She let me know that there are places where spare parts can be bought but I don't think I'll go that route. I'm going to try to fix it tonight to take part in this comp. I have a Rock Band guitar but to be quite honest, I cannot use that guitar. It feels so odd playing with that thing that it bugs the hell out of me. It would suck if I can't get it to work. I don't want to compete using a bum guitar. Well... we'll see what happens. Later.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday. Tired. Sleepy. Hope everyone else is having a 'lazy Sunday' We invited my compadre over today to just chill out. We had the pool out for the kids, but believe or not, they didn't stay in it much longer. We pretty much hung out, which was cool. We talked and laughed over all kinds of topic that ranged from the paranormal, to Retro Rock. Retro Rock is the music station that we were listening to on TV. It made us feel old since all the great jams were playing. lol I didn't get to complete my competition in Guitar Hero. Which is Ok. I'll try to get to it tomorrow. Other than that, we had a very chill Sunday. Later.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Day Full of Aches and Pains

Hey there. I'm feeling pretty damn tired. I got up pretty early to lay some cement. I finally decided to get up off my ass and do it. I had started it awhile back and didnt complete the slab. I think that was a mistake since I found it difficult to continue where I left off without making it very noticeable. I spent a good 4 hours of lugging around 90 lbs bag of cement and mixing them by hand. Now that's hard labor! Soon after, my wife and I did some laundry. A lot of laundry. As we were folding clothes, my mother and grandma stopped by. We chatted it up for awhile before I decided to take a break. I played some Guitar Hero since I was challenged by some Guitar Hero Community members. I also have competitions to take part in but the guitar kinda gave way half through warming up with my son. It's not too bad but while you play, it won't hit some of the notes and if I'm in a competition, I need the guitar to work 100% or I won't stand a chance.

Right now, I'm enjoying some watermelon as I wait for dinner. There's still some laundry to do so I should get back to that. Later!