Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Rez Bar Protein Bar Review

Get Rez Protein Bar
Oh man... Need me a Rez Bar to get back in the game!

Hey there. You know, I recently started working out again. After surgery, I was practically prohibited from really doing much in exercise. Just this past month or so, I started to feel confident enough to start building up a sweat so I started to lift weights and go out for a run here and there. First thing that I noticed is that I am really out of shape. lol My stamina is no where near where it was pre-surgery and my body is not as strong as it was either. I'm going to have to work on my stamina and strength. It's almost as if I've been knocked down and am just getting back up again. It seems as if I need to be revived... I need to get rez'd.. or better yet... I need a Rez Bar. Our good friends at Get Rez has hooked me up with a box of 10 of their amazing peanut butter and chocolate (anything that's peanut butter and chocolate is amazing) Get Rez Protein Bar. Is this just the boost that I need to help me boost my stamina and strength stats to get me back to my pre-workout levels? So what is a Rez Bar? What does it do? And is it awesome? Let's find out! But first, let's talk stats!

  • Low Carb, low Sugar, and low Calorie
  • High Protein
  • Keto Friendly
  • Vegetarian/Plant Based
  • No Cholesterol and no Sodium
  • Gluten free, Organic, and non GMO
Now before we get into the Rez Bar itself, can you just touch base on the label? How awesome is this?! The Rez Bar is labeled with what looks like an old NES game label with with Punch-Out themed letters. I absolute LOVE this and if I were to see this stocked on store shelves, I'd totally buy it just because the packaging got my attention. 

The Rez Bar sounds like a pretty good choice for a protein bar. It checks all the boxes that someone that is health conscience is looking for. Keto friendly, vegetarian friendly, no cholesterol or sodium... GMO free. Yes, yes, and more yes. So now that we know that's healthy... does it taste good? The answer is YES! Oh man... who doesn't love the combo of chocolate and peanut butter?! I'm a huge Resse's fan, now...  I'm not saying this bar tastes just like Resse's, but it's pretty similar. Because I had a box of 10, I handed one out to each of my family members to try and get their opinion. All think that the Rez Bar is better tasting than most protein bars they've had and 5 out of 6 believed it has a great taste. The Rez Bar has the Metallman family stamp of approval. lol 

Look, it's pretty hard to convince others about food items. Everyone is different and have different likes and dislikes, but if you want a healthy protein bar that tastes great, give the Rez Bar a try. Especially when you can get 20% off your first order by using the promo code GETREZ20 . I think that this is a great bar that you should definitely try but no one but yourself knows your taste buds better. Give the Rez Bar a try and then let me know how awesome you think it is. Later!

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