Thursday, August 6, 2020

Resurrecting the Thoughts On... Series

Anime to watch
Must see anime!

Hey there. I do quite a bit of TV watching and reading. Err... I mean, I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga. lol There is just so much good stuff in the anime world right now that it has been pretty hard to keep up with it all. But there are a few series that I just cannot miss. Shows like Re:Zero, Rent-A-Girlfriend, and Sword Art Online: War of the Underworld are must watch for me. And let's not forget the manga that I'm currently following as well. We're talking Tower of God, Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, My Hero Academia to name a few. Because I'm always checking something out, I figure that this is the perfect opportunity to bring back my Thoughts On... series. 

For those of you not in the know, my Thoughts On... series is just that; my thoughts on whatever it was I decided to make the topic that day. It was mostly movies and what not. I might have done an anime series or two. I don't recall, it's been that long. Nevertheless, I'm in the mood to bring that back. With so much great anime going on right now, I might end up with quite a bit of anime content. Especially with Re:Zero season 2. Oh man, is that series just so good! I'll just say this, dealing with monsters and the like may be tough, but dealing with demons from the past is on a whole different level! Anyways, I just wanted to give you guys an update letting you know what's to come. Stay tuned. Later!

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