Friday, January 3, 2020

What Gear do Airsoft Players Need?

Paintball Player Gear
While airsoft is an extremely fun sport; it’s one that will require having the proper gear in order to enjoy completely. Sure, you may think that all it takes is some camo and a gun; but in reality, you’ll need more than that! Don’t worry, we’ve come up with a basic list of gear that airsoft players need whether you’re experienced or still hunting for the best airsoft gun for beginners. As the quality of airsoft guns, like the Lancer Tactical Interceptor, has gotten better, the number of airsoft enthusiasts has increased as well. It’s worth noting that this gear is useful for paintball players as well.

Eye Protection and Mask

You don’t want to, pun intended, shoot your eyes out. Sure, airsoft isn’t particularly dangerous, but only if you’re well-equipped. With that in mind, you’ll definitely want to have some eye protection. You can get a full-face mask; though these tend to fog. Alternatively, you could get a pair of goggles and a separate mask. This tends to fog up a lot less.


Naturally, you will need a firearm in order to play airsoft. There are plenty of excellent choices for beginners; we recommend something like an M4 or M16. Apart from that, you could also pick a sidearm to go with your main weapon. In close-quarters combat situations, this could mean the difference between winning and losing.

Proper Clothing

If you want to have maximum mobility while playing airsoft, you will need a jacket, pants, and possibly a long-sleeved shirt. This kind of setup will provide adequate protection from airsoft pellets. Plus, if you’re playing in the summer, you’ll have protection from the sun, or other elements in different seasons.


For people who enjoy outdoor games, boots are practically a must. They give you all the ankle support you need, without getting bogged down in wet conditions. Footwear like tennis shoes is far worse in terms of traction, and they don’t perform as well in fast-paced airsoft games. As for what boots to pick; practically any kind of modern combat footwear is a nice choice.

Rifle Sling

If you’re carrying a big rifle on a long run across a large track; you will need a sling for that. It’ll make you far more comfortable with carrying the weapon, and if you trip up or slip; it’ll remain clung to your body. Plus, with a sling, you won’t be constantly carrying the weapon solely in your hands, which means you’ll be free to complete other tasks.


For those who get a sidearm besides their main weapon; having a holster is also practically a must. While you’re not using the weapon, it will have all of the protection it needs; while also keeping it in the perfect position for a quick draw when you need to make one. In airsoft, you want a thigh holster or belt in order for the weapon to be accessible and comfortable for you to reach.

Hydration Source

Don’t forget that airsoft is a physically demanding and dynamic sport. During an average game, you’ll have to do a lot of climbing, crawling, and sprinting; among other things. With that in mind, you’ll probably be sweating quite a lot, regardless of how much in shape you are. So, remember to have a canteen or some sort of hydration pack on you; otherwise, you’ll get tired pretty quickly.

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