Tuesday, January 21, 2020

How Old Do You Need To Be To Own Your First Car?

Buying a Car
The way that the world is evolving, means that things are changing as well. Where people had to wait for eons to get their first car, some have to wait a few years. Which then leads us to the question of the day. How old do you need to be to own your first car?

How Old Do Need To Be To Get A Car?

Legal Driving Age: 16 -18 Years

Of course, the first answer to the question will be the legal driving age. This is as soon as you get your driver’s license, then you get your own car.

However, at this age, can we really say that the car is yours? In the sense, will you able to pay for the car insurance and will you be able to manage all the pressures that come with having a car?

At this young age, having a car, to some, feels more like a burden than a privilege. This is unless you are of course able to handle all the costs that come with the car.

A Few Years After Getting a Licence: 19 To 23

At this age, its either you are in college or you are almost done with college. This also means that you are now a bit more mature and are most likely able to handle both the joys and pains of having a car.

Just how at this age, you can legally participate in sports betting and now appreciate the joys and pains that come with gambling for real money.

Furthermore, most probably at this you now also understand the concept of saving money and the importance of car insurance.

Just After College, Before Settling Down 24-29

From 24 to 29, you most probably have graduated and are most probably working by now. You have your first real job and therefore you want to have something tangible to show for it. There are also best online betting sites where you can win a jackpot and buy a car cash.

Therefore, you opt for a car. However, at this age, it also means that maybe you still have a few student loans that you need to pay, and you may be still trying to find your feet.

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