Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Will Comic Books Ever Die?

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The first comic ever written was released in 1941. From that time, millions have been written. With others being turned into movies and others being made into series.

From the time first comic book ever released, a lot has changed. Technology has changed as well and even the things that people like have changed.

While in the olden days, comic books were very popular with comic book stores found in every corner, this is no longer the case. That has brought us to the topic of the day, will comic books ever die?

Are Comic Books A Dying Trade?

We have to admit that everything changes. Even some arcade games have evolved to be found online like online casino games. That is why people believe that comic books will never die out. While the paperback copies may not be as popular as they were before, as long as they are available online, they will never die out.

Looking specifically at Manga, which are a subset of comic books and they are very popular as well. This shows that comic books are not dying anytime soon.

Additionally, because we still have superhero movies, it means that they comic books are still very much alive and well.

However, on the other hand, many comic readers have decreased over the years. Even the availability of comic nooks has dropped. The main reason for this was that people have found other things to do instead of reading the comic books. According to https://fr.goldenrivieracasino.com/ you hardly find comic books about casino games gamblers.

To add on to that, most of the comic books that are available today have become cliché. The creativity level has dropped, which in turn has reduced the popularity of comic books.

Lastly, comic books are too old fashioned to the millennials at the same time, the oldies do not have time to waste to read them. As such, without any solid set of clients who will the comic books continue to live on?

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