Saturday, December 28, 2019

Geomining XYO Tokens with the COIN App

XYO Tokens App
Earn XYO Tokens with the COIN App! Get it here!
Hey there. I've decided to jump into the cryptocurrency game. I've had my eye on cryptocurrency for quite some time but I've never really jumped into it. I just wasn't so sure what kind of staying power cryptocurrency would have. Think about it... virtual money that uses cryptography for security. In other words, it's assets that are near impossible to counterfeit. These assets can be super duper tiny but if accumulate enough of them, then you can exchange them for other digital currency or practically another paper currency in existence. You just need an exchange site to do it. Anyways... so I've decided to try getting into cryptocurrency without much risk. Just something to get my feet wet. Enter, the COIN app. First things first, the app can be used by both Android and Apple smartphones. The COIN app allows me to collect coins while I travel. This process is called geomining. Those coins can then be redeemed for XYO Tokens. The XYO Token is the cryptocurrency that I decided to jump into. So let's jump into some details.

So far, I've been on the app for exactly one week. Just for signing up, the COIN app will award you with 1,000 coins. Cool. I like free stuff. lol So that I'm on the app, time to get geomining. The process is fairly simply. The app will display a map. This map will essentially correspond to a real world map. There are also 3 buttons near the bottom of the screen: geodrop, geomine, or geoclaim (we'll get into these in another post). The map is broken up into small tiles. These small tiles are what you will geomine to earn coins. The tile that you are currently one will be highlighted. At this point, you can click on the geomine button (or turn on Auto Collect and it will do it for you) and this will earn you coins. When you click on the geomining button, you will see a bar surrounding the button fill up. Once filled, you will mine the tile and the bar will reduce back to nothing. After geomining, there will be a cool down period before you can mine the same tile again. You can bypass this by clicking on the tile and play a super easy game to clear the tile and mine it again. This is helpful when you are not moving. That's pretty much the gist of it. The amount of coins that you earn and how quickly you can mine varies depending on what kind of account you own. I'm currently on the Pro plan. I figured that I'd give the top plan a shot and see what the difference is from a free plan. And so far... it's definitely a big difference. While on the free plan for a few days, the most I able to mine on a tile was .07 coins. On the Pro plan, the most I mined off of a tile is 139.83 coins! You can sign up for free, but if you were to ask me for my opinion, you definitely want to jump in on one of their plans to earn substantially more coins.

So... how much can you make doing this? I'm not 100% sure just yet, but from what I see, you can make quite a bit of money if you do a lot of moving around. I commute about 2 hours, one way, each work day and that trip earns me anywhere from 500-1000 coins. After 7 days of use, I am sitting at 14,741.76 coins. You need 10,000 to cash out but I haven't been able to cash out yet since you need to be on the app for at least 2 weeks before you can cash out. I'll check back in next week to fill you in how much I've made and I'll make a few more posts detailing what I've done, explaining geoclaiming, geodrops, and possible, how much more you can make geomining using a Sentinel IX. I know... a lot of info there but look forward to more details in the coming weeks! In the mean time, get the app here and check it out! I'll check in with you guys next week!

So what are you experiences with cryptocurrency? Good? Bad? Any advice? I know that the top dog is Bitcoin and I just may use my XYO Tokens to convert into Bitcoin. Let's hear it! Later!

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