Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Five of the Greatest On-Screen Sheriffs

Hey there.  From action heroes, to gritty cowboys, and even talking toys, the humble Sherriff has appeared in hundreds of different roles across Hollywood throughout the last century. The definition of a sheriff is “a government official with varying duties, existing in some countries with historical ties to England, where the office originated.” We take a look at some of the best Sheriffs featured across the big (and small) screen. From Zombie Hunters, to hardened Criminals, and even those featured on slot machines, this list has them all!

Woody – Toy Story
Toy Story
It would be rude to open this list other than the greatest Sherriff of all time, right? Voiced by silver screen legend Tom Hanks, Woody appeared in Disney Pixar’s ground-breaking Toy Story. Set in a world of Woody belongs to Andy, and is his favourite toy, until Buzz Lightyear arrives, causing a huge rift between the toys. He also appear in the 3 sequels that followed, as well as the video game versions. The film made over 12 times its $30 million budget, grossing an incredible $373 million dollars!

Jack Carter - Eureka

Perhaps not the biggest star on our list, but we’re starting with an underground favourite. Jack Carter is the sheriff of Eureka, Oregon in the USA. We’re introduced to Jack and his daughter Zoe just as they’re discovering stumbled Eureka for the first time. The previous Sherriff of the town was injured in an experiment, leading Jack to earn the promotion.

Lucas Hood - Banshee

The man we come to know as Lucas Hood, is the recently promoted sheriff of the town Banshee. However, the real Lucas Hood is murdered after stepping in to stop a bar fight, leaving the man we see today to take on his name, identity and job role. Although positively received, the show is well known for its gritty edge and graphic violence. Perhaps greatest is a strong term to use for a Sherriff who’s actually a fugitive criminal, however, Lucas is certainly one of the coolest!

Jody Mills - Supernatural

Often walking the thin line between caregiver and officer of the law, Sherriff Jody Mills is an ally of Sam & Dean Winchester, as well as being the Sherriff of Sioux Falls, a small unsuspecting location in South Dakota. We’re introduced to her in Season 5, during episode 15. She is portrayed by actress Kim Rhodes, who was announced to star in the Supernatural spin off “Wayward Sisters” which follows Jody Mills as the protagonist. A treat for fans of the show who simply can’t enough, as Supernatural has just been renewed for a new series!

Harry S Truman – Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks

In David Lynch’s original 1990 series, Harry S Truman was the sheriff of the town of Twin Peaks, a position originally held by his Dad and his brother. Named after the 33rd US President, he was a major part of the 1989 murder investigation of homecoming queen Laura Palmer, an important and central storyline throughout the series. Alongside other important investigations the agent led during his time in Twin Peaks, he was also a close colleague of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, another main character throughout the story.

Let us know if you found your favourites in this list, and who you think we should have added!  Later!

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