Tuesday, April 17, 2018

PS4 Pro, PS4 and Xbox One S, what console should I choose?

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro
With the arrival of Xbox One S and the announcement of PS4 Pro the market has become quite complicated and many users feel confused. If you are one of those who are thinking about buying one but you have doubts do not worry, in this article we will answer a clear and direct question, what console should I choose?

Before we start, we must be clear that there is no universal answer, that is, there is not one console that is totally better than another and that we can therefore indisputably consider as the best choice in all cases.

A Previous Reflection

In this section we will carefully assess a series of issues that we must make clear as soon as possible. The first is that both Sony and Microsoft have made it clear that their new consoles do not affect the life cycle of the originals, so we leave out of the equation the useful life as an element to take into account when choosing one or another console.

On the other hand you also have to be clear that regardless of the console that we choose we will enjoy the same games, the same interface, the same online game possibilities and the same applications and functions, at least at the basic level, so that is another point that we should have recorded from now.

Finally we need to touch the issue of control commands. Both in the new consoles, Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, as in the previous ones, Xbox One and PS4, the same control system is used, the same control and the same accessories (saving the absence of Kinect support in Xbox One S). Hardware and features to consider

We now go to see the most important differences that separate Xbox One and PS4 from Xbox One S and PS4 Pro, all of them limited to hardware and some specific features. Based on our experience, we can conclude that PS4 PRo is the most powerful solution of the four but also the most expensive, since it comes to double the price of an Xbox One. For its part Xbox One S positions almost at the same price level as a PS4.

If we look for the most powerful solution on the market it is clear that we must bet as we have said by PS4 Pro, but we must bear in mind that it lacks a UHD Blue-ray player and is not compatible with PS3 games.

The second in gross power is PS4, which is able to offer greater performance in games but also lacks the added value offered by the retro compatibility of Xbox 360 games and Xbox One S and Xbox One.

Following the scale from highest to lowest performance we have Xbox One S and Xbox One, although it is important to note that the difference between the two is minimal. Some machines are more expensive than others and if you do not have enough funds to buy, quick loans express is the best solution.

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