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Mozeat Lens POL-BL01 Telephoto Camera Lens Kit Review

Mozeat Lens
A camera lens add on to enhance smartphone pictures?!
You have my attention, Mozeat!!!
Hey there.  I'm a, "take a picture", type of guy.  I love beautiful scenery, I love action shots, I love taking a picture of anything that's pretty awesome, actually.  But, like most people, I don't carry around a super awesome camera with me.  Most of the time, all I have is my smartphone with me and while it does a great job for selfies and relatively close shots, it won't do so well when it comes to taking a picture of something that's a little ways off.  My smartphone camera simply will not take a great picture when zoomed in.  If only I can get a better picture with my smartphone...  If you find yourself asking that question as well, then you're in luck because Mozeat has you covered!  Mozeat offers a wide array of camera lens that you can attach to your smartphone to help you capture the best possible shot!  And I was fortunate enough to receive the Mozeat Lens POL-BL01 Telephoto Lens to test out and review.  This is one spiffy looking lens and to be honest with you, I don't think I've seen camera lens that are made for smartphones before this one.  I'm sure you are just as intrigued as I was when I first received this lens so let's get to it!  But first, let's talk SPECS!

  • 60mm HD Tele Lens
  • Magnification Ratio: 2X 
  • Tv Distortion: < 0.25%
  • Professional Grade HD Glass Reduces Glare and Distortion
  • Edge to Edge Picture: Larger Diameter Lens Reduces the Chance of Cut Corners
  • Detachable Soft Rubber Clamp
  • Works Best with Smartphones with Cameras no Bigger than 13mm Diameter
  • Suitable with Most Smartphones and Built in Webcams (Laptops)
  • 1 - Mozeat HD Lens
  • 1 - Mozeat HD Lens Cover
  • 1 - Detachable Rubber Clamp
  • 1 - Soft Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 - Mozeat Travel Bag
Mozeat Lens Contents
Mozeat Lens POL-BL01 Contents

Once I pulled out the Mozeat Camera Lens from the box, it's style immediately hit a cord with me.  This is one really nice looking lens.  The design is simple, yet elegance.  A nice black matte finish with the white lettering looks real, real good.  And the lens itself is also stunning to look at.  The lens has a wonderful, "rainbow" shine that gives it a very professional look.  I love that it comes with a lens cover to protect the lens.  It would be a shame if the lens would become scratched and damaged.  Also, I love that this kit comes with a micro fiber cloth to clean up the lens.  The cloth WILL NOT scratch up the lens and it is a must have to make sure that your lens is clear and dust free when taking pictures.

The detachable rubber clamp is pretty unique.  It looks like you snap in the lens on one side and affix the other to the smartphone or laptop.  It seems simple enough and I'm glad to see that the parts of the clamp that are touching your device have a rubber coating. This way, you'll avoid scratching up your device when trying to put the lens on.

Lastly, the Mozeat Travel Bag that comes with the lens is a great idea... but could be improved upon.  The bag is super soft, but it looks small and the all the items look like they may barely fit in there.  I'll stuff the bag later and see just how much it bulges.


Once I was done admiring the lens, I hooked it up to the rubber clamp.  Hooking it up relatively easy.  You simply slide the Mozeat Camera Lens into the groove on one end of the clamp to secure the lens in place.  Once it's secured, you clip the clamp on your device.  There is enough pressure on the clamp to keep it place, but not enough to damage the device.

Now, when placing the lens over the camera, it's best to have the camera on your smartphone (or laptop) on.  This will assure correct placement of the lens.  The lens has a small rubber ring that goes against your device.  You'll want your camera to be in the center of this ring.  If the camera is not centered well within the rubber ring, you may get an image that is partially blocked by the lens.  By keeping the camera on, you can see your image and adjust the lens accordingly, making sure that you are ready to shoot, you'll get a crystal clear picture.  It took me no more than 15 seconds or so to put the thing together and have the lens in place for an awesome image.  Speaking of images...


The Mozeat Camera Lens that I received to review provides 2X magnification so I went outside to see just how well the lens will perform.  I picked a few apples from my apple tree as a reference point and took a picture without the lens and one with the lens to compare quality and color.  Here are the images:
Mozeat Lens 2X Zoom
Insta-close up!  
Not bad, right?!  I was standing about 10 feet away when I took the photos.  I didn't zoom in on my smartphone camera at all and just took a picture as is.  My current smartphone has a zoom of up to 4X so getting a little closer without actually being closer is ideal for me.  Also, notice how there was little, if any, color difference?  The lens keeps the picture clarity as well as the color that you would originally get from your device.  I absolutely love that!  There is no distortion or color tint at all!!!

The only thing that you'll have to get used to is having the lens on the smartphone while you're taking pictures.  The lens is not heavy at all, but considering that it sticks out about an inch from the phone, you may feel a slight weight imbalance with your phone.  This is especially true if the smartphone camera is sitting near the left of right edge.  Luckily for me, my phone's camera is right dab in the middle.

As for the travel bag... it does seem to be a bit tight... I think that if it were to hold just the lens, it would be ok, but since you have to put the lens and the clamp, as well as the cloth, it's a bit crowded in there.


In simple terms, the Mozeat Lens POL-BL01 Telephoto Camera Lens does what it sets out to do and does it very well.  Smartphone cameras can be a bit limited when it comes to getting a close up picture so having a lens capable of getting HD quality pictures while bringing the image closer is a must have for anyone looking to get the best picture possible.  This wide angle lens makes sure that you'll get the most of your subject, the detachable clamp makes it perfect for a quick set up, and the travel bag makes it ideal for taking the lens anywhere you go.  You can pick up this high quality HD professional lens for under $30 at Amazon!

So what do you think of the Mozeat camera lens?  Is this something that you find yourself in need of?  Ever had a moment where you wish you could zoom in a little closer with your smartphone camera?  Let's hear it in the comments, friends!  Later!

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