Tuesday, August 30, 2016

MIT Researchers Increase Speed And Range Of Wi-Fi

This might be the best news in the online gaming community this year. The entire online gaming community regardless of type games played will cheer at this news. Whether playing online slots or multi-player online games for amusement faster Wi-Fi means a better gaming experience. This will make it possible for new ways of playing games online to become more accessible. In their trials of the system it showed that the Wi-Fi was more than 300% faster covering double the range. Live online at online casinos and amusement games will get better. Virtual Reality will definitely become a reality for many sooner than previously anticipated. It is this kind of ingenuity that makes gamers all over the world applauds the guys at MIT.

Ph.D. students developed the system at MIT working out of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. This system works by eliminating the interference between signals. They achieved this by using a transceiver board to create different Wi-Fi frequency ranges within the same spectrum. A real-time baseband processing system and a processor were also used to make the experiment a success. By removing interference, the Wi-Fi is allowed to reach its maximum potential. This results in faster speeds.

This system is referred to as MegaMIMO 2.0. The acronym MIMO stands for “Multiple Inputs and Multiple Outputs”. These scientists strongly believe that the answer to solving the "spectrum crunch" is not by adding more transmitters. Rather the answer is in making efficient use of the spectrum by allowing access points to work together.

The technical explanations are for the Ph.D students and the tech geeks. All the rest of us need to know and what we care to know is that online gaming is just about to get better.

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