Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Micro Touch One Razor Review

Micro Touch One Razor
The Micro Touch One Razor and it's carrying case
Hey there.  How many of you guys have found a razor that gives you a close shave and doesn't hurt?  I'm pretty that's not many of you.  The multi blade razors that are out on the market do a great job at first but after a few shaves, they start to pull on your hair.  And you know what... it SUCKS!  It's one of the main reasons why I hold off to the last possible minute to shave.  Even though I have a great hair softener and shaving gel, if the razor is just not up to par, your shaving experience will not be a pleasant one.  That's why when our good friends at Micro Touch One decided to send me a Micro Touch One Razor to try out and review, I was not too thrilled about having to go through a shaving experience with a new razor.  Especially one that is NOT multi blade.  Even though I came into this experience with a bit of unease, I came out simply loving the Micro Touch One Razor.  Let me tell you why.

Um.. yeah... Looking a little beastly there, Metallman!  Time for a shave!
Before I get into my experience, let me tell you a bit about The Micro Touch One Razor itself.  It is definitely  different from most conventional razors.  While many commercial razors are multi blade razors that need replacement cartridges (which cost a fortune, by the way), the Micro Touch One Razor is a single blade razor.  Now... that may sound bad, but consider this, the majority of professional barbers still use single blade razors.  Why?  Well, because they provide you with the closest shave ever!  See, the conventional multi blade razors have safety precautions in place that do no allow the razors to give you the most close shave.  They have real thin metal wires that cross the razors that prohibit the razors from getting too close to your skin.  On top of them not giving you the closest shave, they are also extremely difficult to clean.  Hair gets caught within the wire frame and blades that after a few shaves, you'll have to get rid of them or you'll have the tug and pull experience that irks the hell out me.  The Micro Touch Razor One is easy to clean and will give you the close possible shave AND will save you a fortune since you will not need to buy expensive cartridges.  Now, let's go one with my experience.

Micro Touch One Razor
If the mirror was just a bit wider, it would be more useful for shaving.
The Micro Touch Razor One comes in one awesome carrying case.  The razor fits nicely inside this spiffy box and the box has a small mirror inside so that you can shave practically anywhere.  Now... before I go on, I want to give you a few thoughts on the box.  The box is pretty awesome.  I love that razor fits beautifully inside, but found little to no value to the mirror.  The mirror is pretty small and no matter how hard I tried to find a comfortable way to shave using the mirror provided, it just wasn't happening.  Also, I didn't like that I couldn't store any of the razor blades in it (more on those later).  It would have been great to be able to have a small compartment for a razor blade or two but there was none.  These are just some trivial things that I noticed and are in no way deal breakers for me.  Just thought that a slightly wider mirror and a small slot for blades would have been awesome.

Anyways, the Micro Touch One Razor is a pretty good looking razor.  The metallic look is right up my alley and the design is perfect for a single blade razor.  The head of the razor opens up, by turning the bottom portion of the razor, which allows you to insert a single razor blade.  I simple LOVED that you can open it up.  It allows for some of the most easiest clean ups in razor blades history.  With a small turn of the handle, you can easily remove the razor blade and rinse it off.  Replace and tighten and BAM!  You're good to go.  no more having to pick out small hairs stuck in between multiple razors.  Also, a single razor blade has two sharp edges so by inserting a single razor blade into the Micro Touch Razor One, you are in fact getting two shaving edges.  The design of the razor blade allows for you to shave with one side of the head and then flip over to the other and continue your close shave before having to rinse off any hair on the razor.  Genius!  Simply genius.
Hmmm... I have pressed the razor a little to hard against my skin...
but at least the hair is gone!
While using the Micro Touch One Razor, I immediately noticed that I felt absolutely no tug and pull.  NONE.  I tried it with the hair on my face a bit on the long side and still, I didn't feel any pull.  Wow!  That's awesome!  I managed to get through my shave without a hitch!  Well... actually... there was one.  The Micro Touch One Razor does TOO GOOD A JOB!  That's right, the razor gave me so close a shave that I managed to cut myself a bit here and there.  It could be that I just wasn't used to using a single blade razor and I just pressed it up against my skin a little too hard.  Either way, you can't argue with the results!  And to be honest, I didn't even noticed that I cut myself until I was done and I was rinsing.  The Micro Touch One Razor is THAT good!
Smooth shave accomplished!
Now, after shaving, I had no complaints.  Even though I managed to cut myself, it wasn't nothing to be concern with.  There was no visible signs of cuts after about a minute and I was pretty happy with my smooth shave. And I do want you guys to take note that I managed to cut myself on my first time using the Micro Touch One Razor.  I have yet to cut myself since.  It's perfect for a quick, smooth shave.  The carrying case is extremely convenient but the mirror is a bit worthless.  Nevertheless, it's great to have when you need a close shave.  Guys, get this razor.  This razor will give you close shaves and save you a ton of money.  No more buying those expensive razor cartridges.  Pick up the Micro Touch One Razor and experience it firsthand.  Later!


  1. Some gory after shaving pic dude. I haven't used a single blade razor since I was a teenager. Good to know it did a close shave though.

  2. Hey there Justin. I know! And this was the "tame" one. lol I felt I had to add one though. It drives home that this thing is sharp.


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