Monday, October 28, 2013

MPress Records Announces Hurricane Sandy Benefit CD

New Arrivals Vol 5: Artists for Hurricane Sandy Relief
Hey there.  Hurricane Sandy devastated the Atlantic Coast last year.  So much so, that it was the second most destructive and deadliest of the 2012 season.  Many of those communities are still trying to get back on their feet and you know what... you can still help!  MPress Records has announced their next compilation CD to help raise funds to charities that are still out there helping out Hurricane Sandy victims.  New Arrivals Vol. 5: Artists for Hurricane Sandy Relief  is a compilation CD of up and coming indie artists that have provided their talents in an effort to help bring aid to those in need.  If you've noticed, this is volume 5.  MPress records have released 4 previous compilation CDs and each one was created to help raise funds for a recent natural disaster.  Vol 5. is geared to raised much needed monies to Hurricane Sandy relief charities such as The Red Hook Initiative, Project Hospitality Staten Island Hurricane Relief Fund, and Graybeards.  Check out the song tracks on New Arrivals Vol. 5.:

1. Ari Hest: The Winter Of Yes
2. Lucius: Turn It Around
3. Lucy Wainwright Roche: Seek & Hide (featuring Colin Meloy)
4. Phox: Slow Motion
5. Stephen Langstaff: Smile
6. Namoli Brennet: Iowa
7. A Fragile Tomorrow: A Long Time To Be Happy
8. Alex Wong: Are You Listening
9. Chad Elliott: Same Old Way
10. Rebecca Pronsky: Rise Up
11. Karima Francis: The Remedy
12. Polly Paulusma: Last Week
13. The Goods: So Far So Good
14. Eric Hunker: All These Little Loves
15. Alexis Babini: Good For A Bad Guy
16. Antigone Rising: That Was The Whisky
17. Parkington Sisters: September
18. Emma Dean: Phoebe (With Her Whole Heart)
19. Rachael Sage: Everything
20. Paula Cole: Life Goes On

That's right.  That's grammy award winning Paula Cole lending her talents to add a track to the compilation CD.  And the best part about this, and the other volumes, is that 100% of the profits go to chartity.  That's ALL of the profits.  So not only will you be pick up an album of rising talent, you'll also be sending funds to charities that are working hard at rebuilding communinties.  I strongly suggest you guys go out and pick up this album or any of the other compilation CDs here.  Vol 5 will be released digitally on Oct. 29th and you can pick up a physcal copy of the CD on Jan. 14th, 2014.  Once you've picked up your copy, come back and let me know which song is your favorite.  Thank you.

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