Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Catherine Game Winner

Hey there! It's time to announce the winner of Catherine! This giveaway has been the best turnout ever for this site and I am extremely grateful to all that have entered. Over 5,000 entries!!!  There were many tweets, likes, and blog posts and I must say that it was pretty cool to see such heavy activity. Now... before I announce the winner, just a quick reminder. If you leave a blog post, you must include the blog post link in the extra info field. If it's not there, I can't verify and that's 10 entries that were stricken from Rafflecopter. Sucks to say, but I had to remove a few entries because a url was not present. Don't lose those entries, friends!!!  Now... on to the winner!

And the winner is...
KYLE A!!!!  You are my winner!!! Congrats! I have already sent out an Email asking for your shipping info and platform choice. If I do not hear from you by the 6th, I will be forced to pick a new winner. Thanks again for all that entered and stay tuned! The next giveaway will go live shortly! Later!


  1. Congrats Kyle this contest had a ton of entries.

  2. Congratulations, Kyle.  You suck.  I'm only kidding.  Ha ha.

  3. Kyle hasn't responded yet!  Who knows... maybe this will be the first time I need to choose another winner!

  4. Responded to your email this afternoon Metallman. I was shocked when I saw  the announcement in my inbox. Thanks everyone for the congrats!


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