Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Catherine Game Winner - Kyle

Hey there.  Check out this awesome pic that I received from the winner of the Catherine game!
Catherine Game Winner
It looks like Kyle is ready for some gaming tonight!  lol  Thanks for the great pic!  It's one of the more creative ones I've received.

I like to give some link love to my winners and Kyle decided that he wanted to give that love to www.cheapassgamer.com. Here are some words straight from Kyle:

Their 'Contests and Free Stuff' section was the main reason that led me to your awesome site! It's the only resource I use to find cheap deals on games, movies, etc. You can also trade video games on their site with other users.

So there you have it!  Cheapassgamer is the place to go for awesome gaming deals.  Thanks again for the great picture, Kyle, and I hope you stick around for all upcoming game giveaways!  Thanks!


  1. I thought it was a great pic as well!  lol

  2. Sweet pic, sweet quote, sweet giveaway.

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