Thursday, April 7, 2011

Exercise AND Diet???

Hey there.  As most of you know, I've been hitting the gym.  Oh yeah!  I keep tabs of the circumference of the my arms, chest, and waist.  So far, I've both arms and chest increase and a slight decrease in my waist.  So here's the question:  Why do I weigh the same?  I've been hovering around 170 since I started this mission and as of yesterday, I'm at 172 lbs.  What gives? 

I tell myself that because there is increase in muscle (or so I hope there is), I'll be heavier as opposed to having fat.  Hmmmm...  I don't know if that's true, but that's what I'm sticking too.  The fact that I'm working out and eating cupcakes/donuts/twinkies/chocolate/candy/meals at midnight would have NOTHING to do with my not losing weight... right?! Fine... I guess that would have something to do with it, huh.  So I've come to the conclusion, exercise is awesome.  Exercise with less crap intake, probably even better.

I don't like using the word diet.  My wife seems to always be on a diet and I don't like how she repels certain foods.  I just can't do that.  I've told many people that "men don't diet".  They simply eat less of what they want.  So instead of having those calorie filled midnight snacks, I'll limit it to only one cupcake or maybe even a healthier choice like a milkshake.  lmao!  I know.  I know...  I'm helpless.  lol  Well, I'm going to incorporate this new tactic and see if I'll lose some weight.  I think I've set a new goal of 160 lbs for me.  Maybe I'll stick around at the 170 lbs range but only if I don't look like a chubby.  lol  Wish me luck!  Later!


  1. You are helpless haha. Good luck, though.

  2. There are some important things to incorporate in your 'physique change'.

    1- muscle absolutely weighs more than fat.
    2- it takes fat to burn fat.
    3- get a tan(if you don't have one)a tan chubby person looks way better than a chubby white dude.
    4- eat small portions all day long.
    5- that's all I got.

    Say are you a Raider fan? I saw a pic on your linkin. I bleed Silver & Black!

    Happy Trails

  3. Hey there Don,

    Yup, I definitely bleed silver & black! We made strides last year by dumping Russell but the whole Jason or Bruce thing really messed with our chemistry. How can we go 6-0 in our division and not win it?

  4. Yes, muscle weighs more than fat.

    I refuse to call it dieting too. I call it 'eating healthier.' That doesn't motivate me to do it, but at least it sounds better.

  5. Can't dwell on the past with DARAIDERS...

    This is the year baby-This is the year!

    Raider Nation!

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  7. I'm trying to get back into shape, and lose some unwanted body fat, all over my body. I also want to build some muscle, but not to much. Exercise, tips, and meal plans, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!


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