Friday, April 29, 2011

The Disney Influence on our Young

Dear Parents,

Jasmine was in a relationship with a dirty, homeless boy named Aladdin.
Snow White lived alone with 7 men.
Pinnochio was a liar.
Robin Hood was a thief.
Peter Pan kidnapped children.
Tarzan walked around without any clothes on.
Ariel abandoned her family for a man.
A stranger kissed Sleeping Beauty and she married him.
Cinderella lied and sneaked out at night to attend a party.

And you wonder why I'm all messed up....  It's not my fault I was raised with Disney characters!

Your daughter


  1. Scrumptious remarks. The Disney characters were also part of my childhood. I liked all those beautiful colours and the faces look so real. They have a je ne sais quoi that catches you even as grown-up. I had quite a good laugh! :)

  2. hey i like this serial when i am child i watched it daily and now when i feel bad then i watched aladin and mr.bean , tom and jerry. i like jesmine..