Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I've Decided... I'm Going to Commnent!

Hey there. So, I've been on the fritz about commenting on my own blog. Not my own posts, since that would be kinda stupid. I mean commenting on my the comments you guys leave behind. I've seen some blogging friends that comment on each and every response, while others wait for a few before addressing them in their comments. I'm not sure which route I'll take just yet, but I figure that I need to be more involved with my readers. I've enjoyed reading the comments, but I don't see as much interaction as I would like. Maybe I'll add that "Email me" thing when an Email shoots out at you when you receive a response from your comment. But then again, I don't want to clutter you inbox with comment responses. Maybe I'll try it out for a bit and ask for feedback, but I'd would rather stay away from it since, let's be honest friends, we receive all kinds of stuff in our inboxes already. Especially if you're active in the "blogosphere". Pros and cons... Gotta weigh my options. Until then, later!


  1. The way I look at it is that a comment is like speaking to someone out in public, and the polite thing would be to at least acknowledge their presence. Furthermore, interaction with your readers can extend a post--even taking it in different directions, which could grow your audience exponentially. Yes, if you had dozens upon dozens of comments a day, it would get extremely hard to do that, and then some sort of a disclaimer about how you are just too popular to reply to each comment individually might be in order. I don't think I'll ever have that problem.

  2. You'll be surprised how much answering comments on your blog will improve your comments coming in, I started on my blog and I got a lot more comments on posts ;)

  3. Hey there,


    I see your logic to that and that's why I kinda figured that maybe I should keep up with my reader's thoughts. Who knows where the conversation will end up. I doubt I'll ever get to the "dozens and dozens" but I wouldn't mind answering them if it came down to it.


    This being day 1 of the new comment method, I'm hoping that it will increase the amount of comments. As a blogger, it's great that you have a platform to express yourself, but isn't the ultimate goal to have someone read and acknowledge? I'm expressing myself plenty, but I haven't reached that level of acknowledgment that I would like.

  4. Its not a hard work to reply those who comment your post. before I dont do that, instead i reply to their own blog, now I'm doing it, acknowledge them!

    good job

  5. Hey there Silvergirl,

    Yeah, I think that this moderation thing will help in my commenting. I need to approve the comments, so while I do that, why not comment on the comment? lol I think is going to work out just fine.


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