Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's the Deal with 3 Kings?

Hey there. Today, we are at my mother in law's place. For some time, she has planned a get together for the family to come for dinner and have a thing. From my understanding, it has something to do with Jesus and the three kings, but I am not completely sure. My question is, what exactly is being celebrated here? I'm not a very religious person so I dont fully understand. What I do understand is that a baby will be inside some kind of cake and the person that gets the baby in their piece needs to throw a party about a month later.

I find it a little odd that a baby needs to be baked and the person that finds the baby all chewed up and in their mouth, throws a party. I know it's customary for families of Hispanic origin, but since my mother didn't really school us in the ways of god, my bro and I were left in the dark. Someone please shed some light on this for me. Later!


  1. I'm afraid I can't help you out but it would be interesting to hear more about it when you find out. It does sound vaguely familiar but I don't know where i heard it or if I ever really did :)

  2. It's three kings day, the day that the wise men, who followed the star, found baby Jesus.

    It marks the end of christmastime. So the christmasdecorations can go to the attic again.

    We don't bake a bay here, but a bean.
    Who ever finds the bean has a fine taste and notes irregularities in the food. That's only for kings, as normal people eat whole grain bread and unprocessed food and are used to lumps in their food.
    So who is the king can throw a party.
    The patry marks the fact that normal life is back again and we celebrate the light that has come after winter.
    A month from now farmers start to prepare for the new growing year by cleaning their equipment.

    A child who finds the bean is allowed to decode which food will be eaten next sunday.

  3. feast of the three kings is also known as the feast of the epiphany, the time that Jesus's birth was made known to other people aside from the Israelites / Jews. it is meant to express that Jesus's coming is intended for the salvation of everyone and is not exclusive to just one nation or faith.

    As regards your in-laws' holiday tradition... i really don't know how it relates to the day. i'm thinking the searching part mimics the search of the three kings for Jesus, and the throwing of the party is a version of expression of joy and gratitude for having found the Savior after an arduous toil.

    i'm just guessing...

    hope you had a great time though =] Happy New Year~


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