Saturday, January 9, 2010

The NFL Playoffs are Here!

Hey there. I almost missed the Jets-Bengals game! Ive been so busy with housework today that the game's first 3 qtrs are over. Score now is Jets 21, Bengals 7. Im a little surprised at the score. I figure Carson Palmer and crew would edge out a close one but it looks like the Jets are taking it to em.

NFL Playoffs are what I live for. I have always tried to catch all the games since there are elimination games. I guess thats what I lovw about it. There's no tomorrow, there is no next time. Its now or never. You get one shot to show you're the superior team. There are no favorites. Just ask New England. On any given Sunday (or Saturday), and NFL team has the potential to come out on top.

Look at that... Cedric Benson just scored a TD. I gotta get to this game since the score is now 14 - 21. The Raiders arent playing so there is no one in particular that I am rooting for. I do, however, love a great and competitve game. 10 mins left in this one. Lets se how it will play out. Later!

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  1. God I am a die hard Cheesehead and watched them lose in OT. Something a Packer fan has become used to, but at least we have been getting into the playoffs, you poor Cowboy fans of 20 years. Looks like I can't pick on Tony Homo any longer, damn.

    But believe it or not, I am routing for the Vikings, because yes the ex Packer Farve is at the helm. But I know he will do what the Packers just did and disappoint. So it looks good for the Cowboy fans to finally have a drink in celebration, instead of despair.

    PS I also wanted the Bengals to go all the way and too. Best not go with my picks if your a betting man. Not that all is wrong with the world, this was my second year in a row to be the champ in my fantasy football league. The key here is FANTASY :-) But needed something to brag about.


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