Friday, January 8, 2010

Anime Endings

Hey there. This is more of a thought than a post. I was at Borders book store earlier this evening looking for interesting reads. I stumbled into the manga section and started looking. I recognized some of the characters. Two that made me think was Inuyasha and Case Closed (Detective Connan).

These can be considered kid shows. Inuyasha had some suggestive themes but nothing to bad. Connan had more themes involving death . Both have a special place in my heart. When my wife was preggers with our youngest daughter, we would watch them on Adult Swing on the Cartoon Network.

Anyways, I wondered what happened to the anime shows since they seemed to just cut off. Inuyasha never really defined the end of the story and Case Closed stopped after season two, yet there they were. Books showing the continuation of those shows. Why were they not illustrated for TV? Obviously there is a market for this stuff since I see racks and racks of manga books. Someone needs to step up and draw these episodes. I guess its gonna be me... Cause I want to know how these storylines end. Later!


  1. hmmm
    i loved La Corda dOro - Primo Passo it was awesome lots of music.

  2. Some people saw Death Note as a bad ending, but some also saw it as a very good ending. (I, personally, was neutral. Although Light kind of did deserve what was coming to him.) Rurouni Kenshin had a great ending, though, and so did Yu Yu Hakusho, as someone else said. Zatch Bell ended pretty well also.

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